Description & Source Code

This sample demonstrates how to dictate the position for ZK's popup. This manipulation can be done both from the client-side and the server-side.

		.container { text-align:center; margin: 50px 100px; } 
		.container .z-panel-embedded-cnt { padding:0; } 
		.txb { border: none; }
	String selectedPosition = "before_start";
	<panel framable="true" sclass="container" width="300px">
			<textbox id='txb' sclass="txb" value="This is a textbox ! Click Here To See Popup" hflex="1" style="background:#FFFFCC" rows="8"
				onClick=',selectedPosition)' />
	<popup id="mailPop" width="150px">
		<groupbox sclass="z-demo-config" closable="false">
			<caption>This is Popup</caption>
			<html><![CDATA[ Contact Us : [email protected] ]]></html>
<zk xmlns:c="client">
		Positions ps = new Positions();
	<groupbox sclass="z-demo-config" closable="true">	
		<caption label="Positions" />
			<attribute name="onCheck"><![CDATA[
				selectedPosition = self.getSelectedItem().getValue();
				if (selectedPosition.contains(",")) {
					String[] pos = selectedPosition.split(",");		[0].replace("x=",""),pos[1].replace("y=",""));
				}else{	,selectedPosition);
				<zk forEach="${ps.positions}">
					<separator bar="true" if="${'at_pointer'||'overlap'}" />					
					<radio label="${each.description}" value="${}" checked="true" if="${'before_start'}" />
					<radio label="${each.description}" value="${}" if="${!='before_start'}" />

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class Positions {
	public List<Position> positions = new ArrayList<Position>();

	public Positions() {
		positions.add(new Position("before_start", "Before Start"));
		positions.add(new Position("before_end", "Before End"));
		positions.add(new Position("end_before", "End Before"));
		positions.add(new Position("end_after", "End After"));
		positions.add(new Position("after_end", "After End"));
		positions.add(new Position("after_start", "After Start"));
		positions.add(new Position("start_after", "Start After"));
		positions.add(new Position("start_before", "Start Before"));
		positions.add(new Position("overlap", "Overlap"));
		positions.add(new Position("overlap_end", "Overlap End"));
		positions.add(new Position("overlap_before", "Overlap Before"));
		positions.add(new Position("overlap_after", "Overlap After"));
		positions.add(new Position("at_pointer", "At Pointer"));
		positions.add(new Position("after_pointer", "After Pointer"));
		positions.add(new Position("x=100, y=100", "Specific Position (x and y = 100px)"));

	public List<Position> getPositions() {
		return positions;

	public static class Position {
		private String name;
		private String description;

		public Position(String name, String desc) { = name;
			this.description = desc;

		public String getName() {
			return name;

		public void setName(String name) { = name;

		public String getDescription() {
			return description;

		public void setDescription(String description) {
			this.description = description;