Class Combobox.ExtraCtrl

  extended by org.zkoss.zk.ui.HtmlBasedComponent.ExtraCtrl
      extended by org.zkoss.zul.Combobox.ExtraCtrl
All Implemented Interfaces:
Blockable, PrologAllowed
Enclosing class:

protected class Combobox.ExtraCtrl
extends HtmlBasedComponent.ExtraCtrl
implements Blockable

A utility class to implement HtmlBasedComponent.getExtraCtrl(). It is used only by component developers.

If a component requires more client controls, it is suggested to override HtmlBasedComponent.getExtraCtrl() to return an instance that extends from this class.

Constructor Summary
protected Combobox.ExtraCtrl()
Method Summary
 boolean shallBlock(AuRequest request)
          Return true if the request shall be blocked.
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Constructor Detail


protected Combobox.ExtraCtrl()
Method Detail


public boolean shallBlock(AuRequest request)
Description copied from interface: Blockable
Return true if the request shall be blocked.

Specified by:
shallBlock in interface Blockable

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