Class Combobutton

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zul.LabelImageWidget
                  extended by zul.wgt.Button
                      extended by zul.wgt.Combobutton

public class Combobutton
extends Button

A combo button. A combo button consists of a button (Combobutton) and a popup window (Popup). It is similar to Bandbox except the input box is substituted by a button.


Default Widget.getZclass(): z-combobutton.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 void close()
          Close the dropdown widget of the Combobutton.
 boolean isAutodrop()
          Returns whether to automatically drop the list if users is changing this text box.
 boolean isOpen()
          Returns whether the list of combo items is open
 void open()
          Open the dropdown widget of the Combobutton.
 void setAutodrop(boolean autodrop)
          Sets whether to automatically drop the list if users is changing this text box.
 void setOpen(boolean open, Map opts)
          Drops down or closes the child popup (Popup) (Menupopup, and fire onOpen if it is called with an Event.
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Method Detail


public void setAutodrop(boolean autodrop)
Sets whether to automatically drop the list if users is changing this text box.

autodrop -


public boolean isAutodrop()
Returns whether to automatically drop the list if users is changing this text box.

Default: false.



public boolean isOpen()
Returns whether the list of combo items is open



public void setOpen(boolean open,
                    Map opts)
Drops down or closes the child popup (Popup) (Menupopup, and fire onOpen if it is called with an Event.

open -
opts - if opts.sendOnOpen exists, it will fire onOpen event.
See Also:
open(), close()


public void open()
Open the dropdown widget of the Combobutton.


public void close()
Close the dropdown widget of the Combobutton.

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