Package zul.wgt

The basic widgets, such as button and div.


Class Summary
A The same as HTML A tag.
Area An area of a Imagemap.
Button A button.
Captcha The generic captcha component.
Caption A header for a Groupbox.
Cell The generic cell component to be embedded into Row or Box for fully control style and layout.
Chart The generic chart component.
Checkbox A checkbox.
Combobutton A combo button.
Div The same as HTML DIV tag.
Fileupload A fileupload widget is the same as Button
Groupbox Groups a set of child elements to have a visual effect.
Html A comonent used to embed the browser native content (i.e., HTML tags) into the output sent to the browser.
Idspace Just like DIV tag but implements IdSpace.
Image An image.
Imagemap An image map.
Include An include widget
Label A label.
Notification A notification widget.
Popup A container that is displayed as a popup.
Progressmeter A progress meter is a bar that indicates how much of a task has been completed.
Radio A radio button.
Radiogroup A radio group.
Selectbox A light weight dropdown list.
Separator A separator.
Space Space is a Separator with the orient default to "vertical".
Span The same as HTML SPAN tag.
Toolbar A toolbar.
Toolbarbutton A toolbar button.

Package zul.wgt Description

The basic widgets, such as button and div.

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