Environment setup

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Environment setup

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Installation Guide

ZK Installation Guide provides the detailed information to install ZK on different servers, and development environments (IDE).

It is recommended to use an IDE you preferred to try the code by yourself. If you are not familiar with any IDE, you might follow the instructions described in ZK Installation Guide's Eclipse with ZK Studio.

Configuration files you should know

ZK provides configuration files for most common use cases. In most case, you simply copy and paste it. You could find them in the MyApp folder after you uncompress the binary distribution.


To develop a Web application with ZK, we have to configure two Servlets and one listeners to web.xml[1] under the WEB-INF directory.


zk.xml is the configuration descriptor of ZK. This file is optional. If you need to configure ZK differently from the default, you could provide a file called zk.xml under the WEB-INF directory.
For more information, please refer to the ZK Configuration Reference.

  1. It is also known as Deployment Descriptor


  1. What's the two configuration files you should know?

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