Customizing Standard Themes

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Customizing Standard Themes

Here we introduce how to customize the standard themes, such as iceblue, breeze and silver gray.

Customize standard themes using theme template

Since 8.0.2

Please see ZK Developer's Reference/Theming and Styling/Creating Custom Themes/Theme Template.

Change Font Size and Family

Since 7.0.0

You can use CSS to define the fonts (there are no special config attributes available/required anymore)

If you want to define the default font family for all ZK components only:

[class*="z-"]:not([class*="z-icon-"]) {
	font-family: Arial;

If you want to define the default font family for the whole page body (including html native element):

body *:not([class*="z-icon-"]) {
    font-family: Arial;

Change Font Size and Family - ZK 6.5 and below

The default theme of ZK components uses the library properties to control the font size and family. You can change them easily by specifying different values.

Notice that the library properties control the theme for the whole application. If you want to provide per-user theme (like zkdemo does), you have to implement a theme provider.

Font Size

Deprecated Since 7.0.0

The default theme uses the following library properties to control the font sizes.

The default font size. It is used in the most components.
The smaller font size used in the component that requires small fonts, such as toolbar.
The extremely small font size; rarely used.
The font size used in the menu items.

To change the default value, you can specify the library properties in WEB-INF/zk.xml as follows.


Font Family

Deprecated Since 7.0.0

The following library properties control the font family.

org.zkoss.zul.theme.fontFamilyT Default: Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

The font family used for titles and captions.

org.zkoss.zul.theme.fontFamilyC Default: Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, serif

The font family used for contents.

Add Additional CSS

If you want to customize certain components, you can provide a CSS file to override the default setting. For example, if you want to customize the look and feel of the a component, you can provide a CSS file with the following content.

.z-a-disd {
	color: #C5CACB !important;
	cursor: default!important;
	text-decoration: none !important;
.z-a-disd:visited, .z-a-disd:hover {
	text-decoration: none !important;
	cursor: default !important;;
	border-color: #D0DEF0 !important;

Then, specify it in WEB-INF/zk.xml as follows.


For more information, please refer to the ZK Style Guide.

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