Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl

Implementation of user interfaces and factories (implementation only).


Interface Summary
UiEngineImpl.Extension An interface used to extend the UI engine.

Class Summary
AbortByRemoveDesktop The aborting reason when the remove-desktop command is received.
AbortBySendRedirect The aborting reason for send-redirect.
AbstractExecution A skeletal implementation of Execution.
AbstractUiFactory The skeletal implementation of UiFactory.
AbstractWebApp A skeletal implementation of WebApp.
Attributes Attributes used internally for implementation only.
DesktopImpl The implementation of Desktop.
DesktopRecycles Utilities to handle DesktopRecycle.
EventInterceptors Utilities used to handle EventInterceptor.
EventProcessingThreadImpl Thread to handle events.
EventProcessor A utility class that simplify the implementation of EventProcessingThread.
ExecutionCarryOver A utility to carry over the execution to a server-push thread.
GlobalDesktopCacheProvider A implementation of DesktopCacheProvider that stores all desktops from the same Web application into one desktop cache.
MultiComposer<T extends Component> To proxy a collection of composers.
NativeHelpers Utilities for implementing Native.Helper.
PageImpl An implementation of Page and PageCtrl.
PollingServerPush A server-push implementation that is based on client-polling.
ProxyEvent Used to proxy another event.
RequestInfoImpl An implementation of RequestInfo.
RequestQueueImpl An implementation of RequestQueue behaving as a queue of AuRequest.
RichletConfigImpl An implementation of RichletConfig.
ScopeListeners Utilities to implement Scope.addScopeListener(org.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.ScopeListener) and Scope.removeScopeListener(org.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.ScopeListener).
SessionDesktopCacheProvider A implementation of DesktopCacheProvider that stores all desktops from the same session in one desktop cache.
SimpleDesktopCache A simple implementation of DesktopCache.
SimpleScope A simple implementation of Scope.
StaticIdGenerator Use this generator will generate fixed uuid for each component.
SynchronizedScope A synchronized scope.
UiEngineImpl An implementation of UiEngine to create and update components.
Utils Utilities to implement ZK.
VolatilePage A page that does not really exist at the client.
ZScriptInitiator An initiator used to evaluate a zscript file.

Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl Description

Implementation of user interfaces and factories (implementation only).

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