Uses of Class

Packages that use Row
org.zkoss.bind.impl Core Implementation for ZK Bind 
org.zkoss.zul ZUL component set that are used for HTML-based clients. 

Uses of Row in org.zkoss.bind.impl

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.impl with parameters of type Row
 void BindRowRenderer.render(Row row, java.lang.Object data, int index)

Uses of Row in org.zkoss.zul

Subclasses of Row in org.zkoss.zul
 class Group
          Adds the ability for single level grouping to the Grid.
 class Groupfoot
          Groupfoot serves as a summary row of group.

Methods in org.zkoss.zul that return Row
 Row RowRendererExt.newRow(Grid grid)
          Creates an instance of Row that will be attached to grid.

Methods in org.zkoss.zul that return types with arguments of type Row
 java.util.List<Row> Group.getItems()
          Returns a list of all Row are grouped by this group.

Methods in org.zkoss.zul with parameters of type Row
 Component RowRendererExt.newCell(Row row)
          Create a component that will be attached to the unloaded row.
 void RowRenderer.render(Row row, T data, int index)
          Renders the data to the specified row.
 void Grid.renderRow(Row row)
          Renders the specified Row if not loaded yet, with Grid.getRowRenderer().

Method parameters in org.zkoss.zul with type arguments of type Row
 void Grid.renderItems(java.util.Set<? extends Row> rows)
 void Grid.renderRows(java.util.Set<? extends Row> rows)
          Renders a set of specified rows.

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