New Features of ZK Spreadsheet 2.0.0 Beta2

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New Features of ZK Spreadsheet 2.0.0 Beta2

Henri Chen, Principal Engineer, Potix Corporation
July 30, 2010
ZK 5.0 & ZK Spreadsheet 2.0 Beta2


ZK Spreadsheet is an Ajax component that delivers the rich functionality of Excel on the Java Web application.

Being able to import and export Excel files are just the minimum. Unlike other on-line spreadsheet such as Google Docs or Office 2010 online suite, you can integrate ZK Spreadsheet with your enterprise back-end systems seamlessly and create collaborative and dynamic enterprise applications at minimal cost. You can call versatile Java APIs to control and configure the ZK Spreadsheet component(s). You can register event listeners so an action can be automatically triggered if any specified cell, range, or name changes. You can bind cells to the back-end Java beans, so any changes on the back-end data would be automatically reflected on the ZK Spreadsheet. You can create your own spreadsheet functions in Java and use them in the spreadsheet formulas. Actually, if you like, you can even create by yourselves an on line spreadsheet service with ZK Spreadsheet component.

ZK Spreadsheet is an extensible, customizable, and integratable Java Ajax Web spreadsheet solution, with both built in browser Ajax user interface and back-end server side Excel-like data and logic. None of ActiveX or plug-ins is needed.


Since ZK Spreadsheet 2.0, we have changed the back-end data model from proprietary implementation(ZK Spreadsheet 1.0) to Apache POI for better scalability and more features.

With this POI-based 2.0, Excel 2007, hyperlink, rich text, row and column moving, hiding and un-hiding row/column headers, sorting, filtering, and many other features has been implemented:

Rich Texts and Bullet Texts in a Cell

ZK Spreadsheet can show rich texts and bullet texts in a cell. That is, you can show different font sizes, colors, and styles of texts in a cell.

Hide/Unhide Row Headers and/or Column Headers

As a component, sometimes you just do not want to see the row/column headers in the application.

Hyperlink Follow-up

If a hyperlink or HYPERLINK function is inputted in a spreadsheet cell, end user can click on the cell text to follow up the hyperlink. If you simply want to select the cell but not follow up the hyperlink, you have to click on the empty space of the cell or press and hold the cell until the mouse cursor changes. Besides that, ZK Spreadsheet also fire an onHyperlink event so application developer can do further operations if any.

Sort Rows/Columns

You can sort rows, columns, or a specified area.

Drag and Drop Editing of Rows/Columns/Area

You can drag rows, columns, or a specified area to its destination.

Insert Rows/Columns/Area

You can insert rows, columns, or a specified area. You can decide whether you want to shift cells down or shift cells right the inserted area.

Delete Rows/Columns/Area

You can delete rows, columns, or a specified area. You can decide whether you want to shift cells up or shift cells left the deleted area.