ZK Spreadsheet Server
Share your spreadsheet online and collaborate in real time on your own server.

Host your spreadsheet on your own server

  • No exposure of your business data to a 3rd party host
  • Full control over your on-premise installation
  • Install once, and access anywhere from a browser without plugins

Share and collaborate in real time

  • Upload your Excel® files or create a new and share them them online
  • Collaborate with colleagues and see their updates in real time
  • No more editing back and forth via email exchanges and keep your data’s integrity
  • Collaborate without having Excel® installed

Excel® and PDF compatibility

  • Import/Export Excel® XLS or XLSX files
  • Export worksheets to PDF
  • Embed Excel® Charts
  • Export Excel® Charts to PDF
  • Embed Images from Excel® Worksheets

Features Highlight

  • 3-D cell and external book reference
  • Sorting, filtering, formulating and auto-filter
  • Access named ranged cells
  • Freeze rows and columns
  • Hundreds of built-in formula functions

Easy installation

  • Clicks away from setting up your own online spreadsheet server
  • No server set-up expertise required
  • Supported for Windows / Linux / MacOS

ZK Spreadsheet Server vs. ZK Spreadsheet Component

ZK Spreadsheet Server ZK Spreadsheet Component
Host Excel-compatible online spreadsheet under your own domain
Install-and-run online spreadsheet application server
No programming required
Embed in your website/web application as a component
Fully extensible and seamlessly integrate with Java technology through Java API