ZK Enterprise Edition
ZK EE is available under a commercial license and ZK's own open source license providing the scalability, performance, testing and support that enterprise application deployments require.

Introducing ZK Enterprise Edition


Enterprise class support

ZK EE comes with exceptional supporting providing email supporting incidents with a 1 business day initial response time as well as remote consulting offering the ability to discuss best practises, review code and get answers from ZK's developers.

Building patches & prioritized bug fixes

ZK EE developers enjoy early access to patches specifically built for them covering behaviour outside of ZK's specification. Additionally, ZK EE developers also receive bug fix prioritization as the bugs which are critical to said developers are automatically priority number one.

Gain speed and memory

ZK EE provides large performance boosts, meaning applications are not only more responsive providing a better experience for the user but also save you money due to less resources needed.

Improved server side & client-side performance

ZK EE comes with Render-on-demand technology ensuring only what is needed is rendered. This reduces the memory and processing power necessary at the client and server thus saving money and providing a better user experience.

Easily incorporate 3rd party layout

The shadow elements in ZK EE, in combination with templates enable dynamic component control under the MVVM pattern. This avoids accessing components in the ViewModel and prevents additional DOM elements being generated, greatly simplifies custom or 3rd party layout (ex. bootstrap) integration.

29 themes for all kinds of applications

ZK EE developers have access to all public themes, ZK Theme Pack, ZK Atlantic Theme, and ZK Bootstrap add-on and can choose a theme that best fits their application from a total of 29 options. Developers can also include multiple themes in a same application and allow their end users to personalize their experiences.

Included components which adapt to any device

ZK EE includes responsive components which will adapt themselves to whichever device they are running on such as desktop, tablets or mobiles. This saves developers huge amounts of time as once an application is written for the desktop it will work well on other devices.

Display massive amounts of data

ZK EE specializes in showing large amounts of data and even has a specific component named Biglistbox to handle these situations. The Biglistbox enables developers to effortlessly display huge amounts of data while including as much functionality as ZK’s listbox.

Accessible for everyone

ZK EE contains a za11y (zk accessibility) module that supports a wide range of devices including assistive technologies and allows developers to easily create WCAG and Section 508 compliant applications.

Complete component collection

ZK EE comes with a broad range of ready-to-use, modern components to bring the best user experiences to your users. Multislider and cascader are useful for form entry; barcode and barcode scanner are useful for logistics and inventory; signature and organigram are widely used in workflow and reporting, to name a few.

Laying out your components is easier

ZK EE comes with extra layouts including the portal and table layouts meaning that creating complex user interfaces is easier than ever before!

Embed ZK into JSP

ZK EE enables developers to embed ZK into JSP using JSP tags. This makes it incredibly easy for developers to add AJAX functionality to their already existing JSP applications.

Enterprise Demos

Grid's Load on Demand

With the load on demanpature, data in grid is not loaded until the requested data is needed in view.

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Grid's Master Detail

The master detail fpre allows a grid to behave like a tree, allowing a row to expand and show more details with respect to the row item.

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Comet Server Push

Comet server push preferred over using polling when an application needs low latency events delivered from the server to the browser.

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Table Layout

Tablelayout pn HTML table based container. Developers specify the number of columns to be divided within the tablelayout, and adjust the "colspan" and "rowspan" of each "tablechildren", the basic unit of divisionp achieve the desired layout.

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Portal Layout

Portal layout prs users the freedom to personalize and outline how a set of selected portlets should appear on a page.

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Business Portal

ZK affords develps the functionality to create extensive business based portals quickly and effectively using our portal layout. The portal can be easily customized by adding widgets and changing the numbep columns.

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Responsive Design - ZK Social

Using ZK EE's responsive desipeatures the demo displays a Facebook-like social platform demonstrating SwipeEvent for layout changing & device orientation. This demo works across desktop and mobile devices wp utilizing the same code.

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Gantt Chart

ZK makes it p for developers to display data. The functionality is provided by ZK's extensive charting libraries. This example demonstrates a gantt chart.

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Grouping Model

ZK offers a fulpeatured Grid component. This example demonstrates how to easily group data in grid using the grouping model.

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