ZK Features & Editions

ZK CE, PE, and EE
Category Feature CE PE EE
Architectural Server+client fusion
Server-side component based and event driven
Client-side widget and control in object oriented jQuery
UI declaration in ZUML (ZUL)
UI programming in Java
Model-driven UI and programming-free data binding
Multiple presentations and 100% CSS based styling
Polymorphic components and recursive composition
Transparent Ajax and JSON
Clustering, failover, cloud, Ajax-as-a-Service
Data binding and annotations
Data binding: reference binding
Data binding: application-level converter & validator
Data binding: form bean validator
EventQueue autowiring
MVVM support at the client
BindingParam annotation supports converting from JSON to POJO automatically
Data attribute handler
Responsive Design & Components Responsive Design & Touch Event Support1
Responsive components
Touch experience enhancements: Scrollview and Cardlayout
Web Accessibility Accessibility support (currently in Preview)
Theming CSS3 & LESS based
ZK Theme Pack
ZK Theme Pack - compact
ZK Theme Pack - accessibility-ready
Atlantic Theme
ZK-Bootstrap Theme
Polymorphic Functionality Context menu, tooltip and popup
Drag and drop
Hflex and Vflex
Mouse-less entry and navigation
Layout injection and templating
Layout & Window Windows (modal, pop-up, overlapped, embedded, minimized, maximized, draggable, sizable, messagebox…)
Panel (embedded, overlapped, minimized, maximized, draggable...)
Macro and composite components
Hbox, Vbox, Hlayout, Vlayout, Splitter
Tabbox (accordion, horizontal/vertical layout, lightweight…)
Groupbox (3D, legend…)
Caption (Tabbox, Borderlayout)
Shadow Components
Scrollview component
Grid & Tree Grid, Listbox, Tree
Paging (nested, one-to-many...)
Column menu, sorting, frozen column, checkmark
Live model-driving Grid, Tree...
Toolbar & Menu Menu (image, label, file upload, and arbitrary HTML content)
Toolbar (file upload and arbitrary toolbar buttons)
Hyperlink and redirect
Fisheye menu
Navigation Component
Form & Input Server side validation
Client side validation
Combobox, Bandbox…
Selectbox, Checkbox (normal, toggle, switch, tri-state)
Number input (BigDecimal, double, int)
Datebox, Timebox, Calendar
Slider, Spinner, Progressbar
HTML5 Input Element & Placeholder
Color picker
Lightweight rich editor Tbeditor
Slider Knob
Timepicker Component
Data & Report Flash Chart
Integrate JFreeChart (2D/3D, bar, pie, stock, dial, gantt…)
ZK Charts2
Integrate JasperReports (PDF/Excel/ODT/XML/HTML... export)
Google Maps11
XML generator
ZK Calendar
ZK Spreadsheet (now Keikai Spreadsheet)2
ZK Pivottable2
Ajax Push Transparent server push with inter-session event queue
Server push - Client Polling
Server push - Comet
Server push - Servlet 3 Asynchronous Comet
Inter-session sharable live data
Web Technology Integration Integrate Java EE, Hibernate, JPA, JDBC, TopLink, JNDI, Acegi
Integrate Spring - Variable Resolver
Integrate Spring - Customized ZK Scopes
Integrate Spring Security
Integrate Spring Web Flow
Embed to HTML, JSP, JSF...
Include HTML, JSP, JSF...
Run as JSP tags
Run as Portlet
Fragment Component
Font Awesome and Stacked Font Awesome Support
Source Map for WPD
HTML5 browser history management, Inter-iframe browser history management
Animation Slide, fade, drop, and all kind of jQuery animation
Drag-and-drop, drag-and-size
Multimedia & Utilities Multiple built-in themes: iceblue, iceblue-compact, breeze, silvertail, sapphire...
Fully customizable file upload
HTML5 Audio component
HTML5 file upload file type control
HTML5 drag & drop local file upload
Dynamic image, audio, flash, iframe…
Timer, piggyback, echo back, asynchronous event queue
Video, Camera
Barcode, Barcode Scanner
Resumable Filedownload
Image Cropper
iFrame intercommunication
Google Analytics support
Indexable by search engines
Performance & Reliability Batch request optimizer
Network error handling and auto-recovering
End-to-end performance monitoring
Access statistic monitoring
On-demand server-side fulfill
Performance boost (view report)3
On-demand client widget rendering
On-demand model rendering
Desktop and component reuse
Request auto-resend and recover mechanism
Server-side memory optimization
MVVM performance optimization
Performance boost by Shadow Components
Application Security No business logic exposure at client
XSS and DoS protection
Non-repeatable request pattern
Inaccessible UI protection
Script & Expressions Script in Java
Script in Groovy, Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, Python
Expression in EL 3.0
Expression in MVEL, OGNL
Internationalization I18N labels, number format and date format
Per-user labels, number format and date format
26+ language translations
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS Safari, Opera…
Supported Servers Servlet 2.3, 2.4... including Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebShpere, GlassFish, WebLogic, Oracle WebLogic…
JSR 168/286 compatible portal, including Jetspeed 2, Liferay, WebSphere Portal, Pluto…
JRE/JDK 5, 6, 7, 8...6
Supported IDE & Tools Eclipse, MyEclipse, NetBeans, IBM RAD, BEA Workshop, Oracle JDeveloper…
Grinder, JUnit, Selenium, HP LoadRunner, JMeter
SLF4J based logging
ZK Studio
ZATS Mimic

ZK Browser Support8

ZK 6.5 AND later
BROWSER ZK 6.5 ZK 7 ZK 8 ZK 8.5 and later
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9+ 10
iOS Safari1
Chrome for Mobile1

ZK JDK Support9

ZK 8.6 and earlier versions require at least Java SE 6; ZK 9 requires at least Java SE8; they work with higher versions that are binary-compatible with the official Oracle JDK 1.6 and JDK 1.8 respectively. If you run into any ZK issues relating to Java upgrade please report to us.


1. Due to the technology or the 3rd party library used, the following components have limited support for responsive and tablet/touch devices: ZK Flash (zkflashchart, zkfusioncharts); 3rd party-based components (ZK JasperReport, ZK Timeline, ZK Timeplot); ZK Calendar; ZK Pivottable; ZK Spreadsheet (Keikai) and ZK File Upload.
2. ZK Spreadsheet (Keikai Spreadsheet), ZK Pivottable, and ZK Charts are available as add-ons. They are not part of CE, PE, EE
3. Also refer to ZK vs JSF based Solutions Performance Report
4. ZK Fushionchart has now entered maintenance mode as of Q2, 2014 as the 3rd party library that it's based on - FusionCharts free, has moved out of flash and stopped supporting it.
5. Android native browsers may behave differently depending on the device it is on and its version.
6. ZK Studio and ZK Spreadsheet (Keikai) requires version 6.
7. ZK Timeline/ Timplot has now entered maintenance mode as of Q3, 2014 as the 3rd party library that it's based on SIMILE Widgets, has stopped any activities.
8. This list demonstrates the supported browsers of ZK Framework. Other products such as ZK Pivottable and ZK Spreadsheet (Keikai) may support a different set of browsers. For detailed information please refer to each product's documentation.
9. ZK 8 and lower versions works with JDK 1.6 (and higher). ZK 9 works with JDK 1.8 and higher. However not all JDK features (e.g. Module System since JDK 9) are available. Please contact us if you are interested in any specific feature.
10. A certain components rely on modern technologies such as HTML5 and CSS Flex, these components will only work with modern browsers that are compatible with these new technologies and will not work with legacy browsers like IE9 and IE10. Please check Component Reference for details.
11. ZK provides a wrapper for developers to use Google Maps in ZK easily. Developers need to obtain their own Google Maps API Key.

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