ZK Pivottable

Exceptional data analysis and summarization with ZK Pivottable
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  • zkpvt-image2tData Pivoting
  • zkpvt-image3tData Summarization
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Summarize and analyze your data

ZK Pivottable is an Ajax data summarization component, which takes raw data from a flat table and organizes them by desired categories arranged on columns and rows.

It brings the power of excel’s pivot table to Java web applications, enabling developers to take advantage of a ready made component for demonstrating complex sets of data online.


Embed ZK Pivottable in your Java web application

  • Display complex data from any persistent storage into a clean summarized table
  • Drill down into data at will using expanding and contracting columns and rows
  • Easily change reports by manipulating a Java model
  • Fully customizable renderer enabling inclusion of cell rules and advanced rendering features
  • Sophisticated and automatic paging mechanism capable of handling large amounts of data
  • Ability to easily add mouse event handlers which supports click, right click and mouse over

Demonstrate complex sets of data online

  • Use a macro component for handling field setting manipulation to reduce user implementation required on Pivottable control UI
  • Ability to determine the CSS class and style on any data cell, allowing custom highlight or marking on cells
  • Drag and drop column borders to change column width dynamically
  • Use provided API and UI control to specify custom sorting on row and column fields
  • Use an utility of input data filter provided to assist in refining the model data