ZK Live Demo
Demos are of common cases with code snippets and guidelines, customized and integrated examples, provided with XML & Java Source and are downloadable for reference.
ZK Studio Demo
See the features of our Eclipse-based visual IDE in a video demo, showing cases of key features and highlights such as ZUML Tag Assist, Java Code Assist, Syntax Check, Mark Occurrence and Hyperlink Navigation.
Keikai Spreadsheet Demo
Experience the power of the embeddable Ajax spreadsheet online! Integrate it in your Java web applications to leverage ZK UI components.
ZK Charts Demo
Browse through all the amazing looking and interactive charts which are ready to be placed inside your Java Web Application. All charts are powered by an incredibly simple Java API.
ZK Pivottable Demo
Find out about the power of our Ajax data summarization component that has similar behavior to Excel’s Pivot Table with drag and drop operations. Apply and try different configurations and predefined scenarios on an example table.
ZK Calendar Demo
Try the Google Calendar like component to experience the rich and intuitive scheduling functionality by adding your own schedules and edit it on the fly. Easy customizable and able to combine with other ZK components.

Application Demos

ZK Sandbox
Try piecing ZK components together and create your own prototype in no time! Source Code
ZK Fiddle
An IDE like website that enables you to create ZK cases and generate shareable code snippets.
ZK Mail
A Gmail-like app which demonstrates how components adapt to desktop & touch devices. Source Code
ZK Social
A Facebook-like social platform demonstrating SwipeEvent for layout changing & device orientation. Source Code
ZK Tweet
Twitter-like social media platform demonstrating responsive design & smooth touch user experience. Source Code