We created a mission critical project using ZK which is serving over 2,000,000 users while providing a rich end user experience. ZK not only provided us with the framework to do so productively but also first class support from their onsite consulting team which led to the tremendous success of the project
- Victor Kao, IT Director, UnitedHealth Group
Our development is going full steam ahead and our development team is going to double soon. I have been very satisfied with the support from ZK. They are responsive and courteous and I can’t ask for more.
- Kenneth Wong, UI Architect, StoneRiver
The stability of the solution and the support (technical and commercial) from the Team has given me the confidence to use and reuse ZK.
- Sopra Steria Group
We started the project with ZK and never regretted it.
- Authentic Vision GmbH
With ZK, it is easy to build a complex web application front-end within acceptable timeframe.
- Medexter Healthcare
With ZK, we are able to develop web-base rich client system, without any investment on training and staff development.
- Tong Chen, Software Engineer, University of Oxford
Thank you for such a lovely framework. I was used to working in an old school manner: choose a MVC, a Javascript framework, cross your fingers, and try to make it work... Really, you are making my life easier, thanks!
- Luis Rodríguez Fernández, Software Engineer, CERN
We are impressed with your technology... I am expecting that we will be a pretty active participant in this respect.
- Jan-Fredfrik Birkelund, Sr. Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Using ZK, our three developers wrote a system in twelve weeks that a team of eight outsourcing developers had been trying to write for eighteen months.
- Simon Massey, VP of Global IT, Marsh Inc.
ZK Spreadsheet provides a powerful and useful web based spreadsheet. It saves our customer a lot of time and effort to manage their data. From the development perspective, ZK Spreadsheet is very easy to be integrated to our web application. Simple configuration and good integration with the other frameworks like Spring. We think ZK Spreadsheet is a very useful and valuable tool. Thank you.
- Ming Peng, Global MES Development, Seagate Technolgoy
In the last weeks a team of security experts tested my ZK application. They said that my application is definitely the most secure of the entire company. So congratulations, you are doing a really good job.
- Tommaso Fin, InfoCert
5 times productivity boost.
- Feng Ji, Sun Microsystems
Swiss financial regulations are some of the most stringent in the world regarding security. As one of the leading interbank application providers we chose ZK for the security provided by its server-centric approach.
- Jumin Rubin, Senior Software Engineer, BBP
Our project uses ZK since 2008 and our customers are very happy with the business value earned using this technology.
- Willner-Haring, Java Architect, Commerzbank AG
We really recognize and appreciate your innovation and superb work on this project. ZK is simply an amazing platform… Credit must go to the amazing ZK team. Our tricked user interface is mostly done using your API. We like what you have built.
- Justin Barota, Software Architect, Pitney Bowes
I'm very surprised on my own day after day what can be achieved with ZK with a minimum amount of time. Jease without ZK wouldn't be possible at all...
- Maik Jablonski, Software Engineer
Congratulations. Your product is wonderful... after evaluating many choices, we've decided to invest in developing many applications using ZK, both for internal, and citizen use.

- Gabriel Buades Rubio, Govern de les Illes Balears
They were easy to implement and, more importantly, to customize... With ZK, it was all possible!
- Konrad Krafft, doubleSlash
Yes, zk is the best in most ways. To us, we find ZK allows us to put in our best possible Design in place to build scalable and robust web applications
- Raja Nagendra Kumar, TejaSoft
Today we are very strong in Communication Systems (PBX and Contact Centers) in Turkey. ... I believe most important share of our success is coming from you (you and ZK Team) so you have right to know success stories of ZK framework. And I hope our story is exciting for you.
- Mehmet Eray Gürsoy, co-founder, TEGSOFT Software Solutions
ZK provides a means of supplying a rich user interface with minimum complexity. The ability to use ZUL to prototype a screen with user feedback is extremely useful! The prototype can then be developed into the actual interface, reducing initial development time!
- Nicole Stevens, Technical Director, Spidex Software
Due to the server-centric approach, programmers don’t even think of the Web.
- Charles Hsiao, CEO of MedVoxel
I was experimenting with different frameworks in order to find something that would boost the productivity within our company’s development team... The fact is that for me ZK has proved to be a great working tool and an inspiration at the same time!... I really think that you have developed something very good with great potential. I truly believe that sky is the limit.
- Chris Spiliotopoulos, creator of Zero Kode,

Software Architect in Athens, Greece
Wow ZK is amazing..i was looking for something just like this..before i was looking at laszlo but... I want to integrate ZK with a new project using ZK as front end with JSF + Spring and Hibernate.
- Fernando de Leon, Sr. Software Web Developer in Queensland, Australia
I do want to thank you guys. ZK is the first framework that actually makes it easy to create real complex applications in Java.
- Frans van Gool
We're really very impressed with ZK, so much so that we've already started integrating it as the presentation layer for our own forms framework, replacing in one go all of our UI code with ZK.
- John Spackers
We are Lucky with ZK! It's fast, stable and easy to use! It's just amazing!
- Oleg Schulz
I am better off with pure open source libs ZK for all my ajax needs!
- Samyem Tuladhar, Canada
excellent concept!!, excellent programming work!!... From my perspective best Ajax framework on the market (and I have evaluated all inclusive the commercial Backbase Framework). Keep doing so!!!
- Rainer-Micahel Werner, IT Consultant in Germany
First, the framework is amazing! Great work! I use it without the tags, coding directly against the api like I used to do with swing...
- Eduard, Belgium