Case Studies

Since it was first released in late ’05, ZK has garnered 1,500,000 downloads and a user base from all over the world. With an easy to implement markup language and high profile integration into other systems, ZK is deployed in many fields including Student Record Systems, Blood Flow Analysis systems and Mission Critical Business Systems.
These case studies describe how ZK can help your company and organization! After reading these articles you will understand why the respective companies chose ZK as the best RIA solution and how they used ZK to improve performance and productivity.
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214 million bitcoins exchanged through the ZK powered platform! Profinit is the second largest provider of custom application development in Czech.
  • ... We compared these (JSF, Vaadin and Zkoss) frameworks using ten criteria such as security, integration with Spring… Zkoss was the best fit for our requirements.
  • we implemented the application in 6 month with a team of 4-6 people!
For Ness Technologies, ZK Spreadsheet serves as the perfect base for their Statistics and Reporting Portal. Ness Technologies is a global partner in the field of business processes and technologies, specializing in software products and applications development, system integration, consulting and software distribution.
  • ZK Framework's many fine-tuned components and well-documented interface make it possible for us to modify and expand its functionality.
  • ZK Spreadsheet offers nearly all the functionalities we need.
Multinational IT services company Steria praises ZK as an application with “excellent performance and stability” Headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, Steria is a multinational information technology services company that delivers IT enabled business services, focusing on key vertical market sectors: public services, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport.
  • The stability of the solution and the support (technical and commercial) from the Team has given me the confidence to use and reuse ZK.
  • Thanks to the speed in which interfaces can be developed, I even thought of using ZK to produce the models used for the specifications!
The Keikai spreadsheet drives value for our clients by allowing them to plan in an environment which is familiar to them 7thonline is a leading provider of demand planning solutions for the apparel, footwear, and accessories industries.
  • ZK was a good match for our organization by allowing our developers to focus on writing Java code and xml templates
  • The new functionality gave our classic spreadsheet a modern touch and, with ZK Charts, we were able to offer our partners even more flexibility and functionality. As a result, our partners have responded positively, recognizing that we are the right solution for their business needs.
Harmonizing Art and Tech: EDICO revolutionized Slovak museums' cataloging using ZK Framework. EDICO SK, established since 1990, specializes in IT solutions for diverse sectors, including energy, state administration, and museums.
  • ZK's Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture enabled the development of a modular and maintainable codebase.
  • With enhanced security, scalability, and professional support, ZK provides a robust solution for developing and maintaining complex enterprise-level applications.
4i created 3 innovative ZK-powered products in less than 3 years 4i is a Luxembourgish company specializing in implementing logistic solutions in the healthcare, aviation, and delivery industries.
  • We are very satisfied with the ZK framework because it is very stable, and it evolves with the demands of the market.
  • ZK allows our engineers to focus mainly on the business logic and not on the graphical components.
ZK’s ready-to-use components allow IISI to build the prototype and the actual project in a very short time IISI is one of the biggest IT consulting companies in Taiwan. With over 30 years of experience, IISI’s areas of expertise encompass the public sector, financial sector, healthcare, smart city, and telecom & internet services.
  • We are satisfied with the quality of ZK components.
  • With our positive experience we recommend ZK as the preferred UI framework for our teams.
ZK allowed Subject 7's hardcore developers to build their SaaS testing automation UI fast in pure Java Subject7 is an automation platform that provides end-to-end test automation capabilities through a series of commands.
  • we like the customer support and its responsiveness... we are comfortable with ZK for over 10 years and never choose to move away.
  • ZK provides a very quick way to create a very presentable interface for a developer who is not a designer and doesn’t know much about CSS/HTML.
Medexter relies on ZK for 3 mission-critical projects Located in Austria, Medexter Healthcare develops knowledge-based systems for clinical decision support, dealing with complex issues connected to the well-being of actual patients.
  • "... for medical contexts and purposes, we were forced to create some components ourselves. We consider the flexibility and easiness of developing customized components a particular benefit.
  • "ZK Charts offers countless design commands in Java and enables the implementation of JavaScript code to directly modify the underlying Highcharts settings.
ZK based Momo integrated with Cerner’s and Philips’ ICCA Systems
  • With ZK we can integrate the representation of complex medical data without the pitfalls of common user interface development. We can focus on the needs of medical staff and rely on the framework to do the “dirty” work.
  • ZK allows fast front-end development.
More stories from Medexter - Part 1 More stories from Medexter - Part 2 More stories from Medexter - Part 3
  • With ZK, we can concentrate on our own development without having to deal with tasks and problem fixes with html / network.
  • With ZK, it is easy to build a complex web application front-end within an acceptable time frame.
Empowered by ZK's efficiency and active maintenance, ALMA's ZK tools assist global astronomy observations for over a decade ALMA, the largest astronomical project in existence, is a publicly funded global collaboration which provides its services to the international astronomy community free of charge.
  • We tried prototypes with GWT and a few other frameworks but decided to use ZK because we could get things done much faster.
  • ZK has been actively maintained and improved for over a decade. This is a very big benefit for our long-lived project.
ZK allowed IRRI building their SNP-Seek database UI faster and efficiently The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is the largest non-profit agricultural research center in Asia. IRRI is dedicated to abolishing poverty and hunger among people and populations that depend on rice-based agri-food systems.
  • This project handles a very large amount of data that needs to be displayed. Using the BigListBox component is one of the crucial parts in the app architecture, and we could not find a feature of similar power in other frameworks.
  • The ZK chart library provides excellent presentation of data and supports downloading of data points.
With ZK we can easily integrate with Bonita Software and thus automate business processes quickly and continuously
  • Upon leveraging ZK, we were able to rapidly create web applications just like creating desktop applications
  • easy to develop, seamless integration with Java, efficient MVC, complete documentation & shallow learning curve
MX4 built "Trapeze School", an AI-based automatic creation of school timetables with ZK.
  • We evaluated ... 3 different frameworks: OpenXava, Vaadin and ZK. ZK was the easiest and fastest ones.
  • ... we find ZUL and Zscript language very convenient as they allow us to try different looks and components for rapid mockup.
Nouméa TownHall built a fast and intuitive fleet management system with ZK.
  • Before using ZK, we use a mix of JSP and JavaScript which proved to be painful to maintain and update.
  • ZK Charts was especially useful to show reservations made on vehicle and tools.
ZK empowered Noumea TownHall to provide fast and user-friendly public services. Noumea TownHall is a public organization that provides free services to their citizens in New Caledonia.
  • With ZK we can do everything on the Java side, easy to code and debug.
ZK enabled SoftTeam to create an intuitive customer portal in just 2 months
  • We chose ZK because it works great with Java and that we were able to leverage almost every resource available in Java.
  • In particular during this difficult year, the support we have received from ZK developers, forums and from the product itself have been outstanding.
ZK empowers popular open source ERP platform iDempiere
  • ... the switch from Swing to ZK was more natural as there were similar concepts and components.
  • ZK was also a perfect fit for our community. Given the fact that our back-end is entirely written in Java.
Azquo uses Keikai, the ZK compatible spreadsheet, to build the main interface of their platform.
  • We have been using Keikai and and its predecessor ZK Spreadsheet for over 5 years. Notable customers include Joe Brown’s and Ed Broking.
  • We believe Keikai is the best online Java based spreadsheet interface.
ZK allowed Arvato Systems to code UIs without Javascript, reducing the number of languages in the project.
  • The best aspects of ZK are: intuitive approach, ease of learning, modularity, MVVM architecture, separation of logic and layout.
  • ZK is easy to learn, and I like the possibility to create custom components, creating a hierarchy of reusable elements.
Soagen shortened 3 months of developing time by leveraging Keikai Spreadsheet
  • Using Keikai, it took us only 1 week to integrate the client’s complex Excel files into the application.
  • The business users love the embedded Keikai spreadsheet in the application because they can write/change formulas within the software directly in the same spreadsheet way they are familiar with.
We are impressed by the seamless user experience, rapid development and ease of deployment that ZK brings
  • ...clearly with a solid and easily manageable framework, to have a smooth development and deployment process...
  • Involved users have all been very happy about the user experience so ZK adoption can easily be classified as successful.
With ZK, we developed the UI for our platform in just a few weeks of work with minimum effort!”
  • We developed a complex and and powerful platform for business process analytics in just a few months of work with ZK.
  • ZK fulfilled all the requirements without drawbacks: full java compatibility, short learning curve, performance optimization and possibility for customization.
ZK allows H & F to be quick in development and flexible in adapting to customer requests.
  • We chose ZK instead of Google GWT or Vaadin for its cool features like nice graphic components and powerful binding mechanism.
  • ... ZK is stable and has a reliable and innovative development road map.
ZK helps University of Oxford tackles the challenge of large amounts of data within the system with a satisfying performance

ZK + Excel-based Administration System

MSDLT, University of Oxford is responsible for the development of e-learning, research and admin systems in University of Oxford.
  • None of other systems in the market were able to provide these features.
  • With ZK, we are able to develop web-base rich client system without any investment on training and staff development.
SEB Estonia utilises ZK for developing their teller front application modernising existing teller front to help serve customers more efficiently


SEB is the second largest commercial bank in Estonia, offering a complete range of services for private individuals, companies and institutions.
  • one of the strongest sides of ZK is its efficiency in using server-side resources and fine granulated communication between the browser and server.
  • Server-centric architecture allows fast development.
Easit overcame the shortcomings of the web interface and sped up the application with Spring and Hibernate


Easit develops software for people and organizations who deliver support and customer service.
  • For us ZK was felt like the correct choice and after over one year of developing, we know we made the right choice!
  • GWT was really nice but none of the developers liked it as much as ZK.
ZK made our eStore responsive in 4 weeks well under our budget! Commerce Science Corporation (CSC), based in Atlanta, United States is a leading provider of Internet-based eCommerce solutions.
  • ZK support team was a great asset and integral part of our team.
HMS Analytical Software rewrite webScala UI with ZK: elegant, modern and maintainable. HMS Analytical Software, Germany has 25 years of experiences in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.
  • the framework hides the complexity of browser-specific JavaScript from the developer, which makes user interface design and implementation more productive!
ZK's MVC enabled Telesoft Consulting to overcome the challenges of implementing complex business logic and representing vast quantities of reference and transaction data whilst maintaining stable performance of the system. Telesoft Consulting is established as a leading European company dedicated in developing first class software and services for communication service providers (CSPs).
  • ZK was our first choice and we don't regret it one bit because it is evolving with the times to satisfy ours and our customers' growing needs, respectively.”
Atkloud: ZK proves to be less memory consuming and allows us to code a significantly large enterprise web application in a very fast pace! A start up company aimed to assist small and medium companies to create business solution.
  • ... easy to learn and provides really cool features and styles...
  • ZK provides support for all browsers and devices, and it is easy to maintain.
ZK enabled CBX to rapidly develop rich complex web user interface in a short period of time CBX Software helps retailers and brands to increase profit by simplifying their global sourcing operation, over 20,000 users in more than 30 countries collaborate on CBX Cloud including: Target and Safeway.
  • We like ZK for its rich out-of-box modules, powerful Grid support and control plus it is flexible to create custom build component.
Softeco Utilizes ZK to develop the GLIMS project - a genomic laboratory information management system Softeco Sismat, formed in 1979, is one of the leading companies in the Information and Communications Technology market of Italy.
  • Challenging tasks coupled with fuzzy requirements often characterize ICT research – the flexibility of ZK is a great plus when you have to adapt your web application to moving targets yet aiming at outstanding technical results.”
Softeco also uses ZK to build the ARION project - a tracking system to help protect dolphins from human activity and resource exploitation.
  • ZK’s excellent MVVM model makes reuse of software component easy and efficient”
MultiScaleHuman is a multi-scale biological data visualization and knowledge management system developed with ZK to help improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of physiological human articulation.
  • With ZK we get amazing results very quickly, which is extremely convenient for rapid prototyping"
Thinking Neworks leverages ZK to build TN Planning, a suite for intricate and challenging planning tasks. Thinking Networks AG is among the leading companies operating in the German software market.
  • ZK gives us the option to seamlessly integrate parts written in dynamic languages in order to retain TN Planning’s extensibility through user defined macros
ZK is used in Syslink Xandria, a smart and reliable System Management application focused on Enterprise-grade SAP Solutions. Syslink is an independent SAP® Service Provider as well as a software developing firm emerged from Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ outsourcing business in Switzerland.
  • ZK seamlessly replaced a heavy JSP+Servlet+custom JS framework giving the possibility to developers to concentrate more on models and processes rather than on obtaining a specific functional behaviour – in this sense, a quick tour in the ZK demo page resulted often truly inspiring!
BRL Trust relied on the efficiency and convenience offered by ZK to implement a large number of rich, instinctive web interfaces that are also highly secure and stable. Founded in 2005, BRL TRUST Investment started their activities providing trust services in private loans. It is currently the largest independent administrator of the investments funds in Brazil, according to the Anbima ranking.
  • We chose ZK because it provides a fast, secure and reliable solution, as well as most of the usual interface components we needed already implemented in a very useful way.
With ZK, Logiters's productivity improved by 80%! With 70 years of experience, Logiters provides specialized logistics solutions to a diverse range of industrial sectors in Spain and Portugal.
  • Incredibly easy to learn and use, and the workflow is smoother than any other similar tools...
  • Greater selection of components that can be further tweaked, allowing a wide array of possibilities that adapt to almost any situation.
Authentic Vision leverages ZK in their Helios portal to manage and configure the overall life cycle of their product. Founded in 2012 as an official spin-off from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Authentic Vision is best known for providing new and innovative ways of brand protection.
  • So far we have found everything we need included in ZK.
Softeco Utilizes ZK to develop the GLIMS project - a genomic laboratory information management system Softeco Sismat, formed in 1979, is one of the leading companies in the Information and Communications Technology market of Italy.
  • Challenging tasks coupled with fuzzy requirements often characterize ICT research – the flexibility of ZK is a great plus when you have to adapt your web application to moving targets yet aiming at outstanding technical results.”
Softeco also uses ZK to build the ARION project - a tracking system to help protect dolphins from human activity and resource exploitation.
  • ZK’s excellent MVVM model makes reuse of software component easy and efficient”
MultiScaleHuman is a multi-scale biological data visualization and knowledge management system developed with ZK to help improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of physiological human articulation.
  • With ZK we get amazing results very quickly, which is extremely convenient for rapid prototyping"
A Developer’s Diary by Ron Grimes - Part 1 A Developer’s Diary by Ron Grimes - Part 2 Sinclair is a software company supporting multi-industry enterprises with IT responsibilities to an oil & gas company, hotels, ski resorts and a large cattle ranching operation
  • Doing as much with as little as possible is our de facto motto. And, ZK has become a critical centrepiece of that strategy”
ZK empowers Apertum's open source queue management project - QSystem.
  • I like to work with Java than Javascript. ZK is perfect for me.
  • Users like the Spring Boot+ZK-based pre-registration module a lot, the administrators think it is very easy to use.
Via Appia shortened the development time with ZK down to six months! Located in Brazil, Via Appia is an IT company dedicated to developing a variety of software for solving problems regarding Information Science.
  • Via Appia do not hesitate to express the full satisfaction in developing with ZK and interacting with ZK team; a partnership that will certainly last for many years.
ZK served as LKV's perfect solution for completing their dialogue in Project QMQS, the mission to audit their members for quality management program QM-Milch and others. Located in Germany, LKV is a nationwide service provider for the maintenance and management of quality milk.
  • Being a transparent Ajax with Java, ZK was the ideal choice. The solution is easy to understand and has the ability to quickly achieve valuable results.
  • We look forward to continuing working with ZK for all future dialogue programs.
Iten utilized ZK's high productivity and simplicity of setup to provide the administrative and dashboard of a real time OEE measurement system. With headquarters in Spain, Iten, S.L. is a medium-sized software factory that provides personalized management solutions for a variety of companies.
  • The way ZK hides all the complexity of communication between the browser and the Java code is kind of like magic; we haven’t seen this in any other similar framework.
ePartner: using of ZK considerably reduced their development and efforts and future maintenance! ePartner is a start-up company established in Brazil, aimed to reduce costs on healthcare systems and provide health improvement in the population.
  • ZK is really easy to use and there are good documentations and samples online.
  • Choosing ZK made our development progress faster and thanks to it, we were able to solve issues easily - displaying user data in an easy-to-understand way.
Effective Intelligence leveraged ZK to deliver Basil - bringing standardization to companies & facilitate better project management processes, reporting, resource management & client invoicing.

ZK + Java EE + Glassfish + Hibernate

EI offers a broad range of consumer information management services including solutions for targeted prospecting, intelligent enhancement of customer contact data as well as the technology for managing it and online verification services.
  • ZK gives the developer freedom to extend and thereby create custom company widgets without losing any of the power of ZK
Sciformation leveraged the power of ZK to deliver an outstanding ELN system. Sciformation Consulting develops software for science, especially for chemistry and related fields. Their web-based programs allow researchers to be more productive, and to take long-term advantage of the results.
  • I am still convinced that using ZK was the best option we could choose. A substantial part of our success was only possible as we could take benefit of ZK's great functionality, user-experience and documentation, while relying on ZK's excellent stability and compatibility.
Nand Karl leverages ZK to build SAyGes, a system used to automate administrative processes with the facilities that propose the development of desktop applications.

ZK + Spring + BONITA +MySQL

Nand Karl IT provides technology solutions that streamline and transparent administrative procedures, developing and implementing high quality software based on open source technology of latest generation.
  • easy to development, seamless integration with Java, efficient MVC model view controller, complete documentation & shallow learning curve.
STE Energy leveraged the power of ZK to deliver a desktop-like application with less work than developing a real desktop application

ZK + Spring + Hibernate +MySQL

STE Energy develops, designs, builds and manages energy production plants especially in hydropower, electrical and thermo-technical systems.
  • Simplicity, component quality, community
Tegsoft leverages ZK to develop its own open-source framework Tobe and uses ZK powered Tobe to create a product line of CRM and other management software. Tegsoft develops professional software applications without losing amateur soul for providing services and products with best performance to customers.
  • ZK, thanks for being you.
Holland developer Abdullahi Egal works with HIRDA and ZK to create an education administration management system to provide educational opportunities for school children in Africa.

ZK + Spring + Hibernate +MySQL

  • ZK boosted my productivity, and made it possible to create a full school management system within a short period of time
Artfacto is the first open low-code D&D platform for generating Web applications in ZK and other technologies.
  • We use ZK chart to present performance graphs and statistics. For design we use bootstrap in conjunction with ZK theme.
  • ZK allowed us to program the interface completely in native java like swing and without the complexity of Google GWT.
Taiwan Futures Exchange (TaiFEX) makes major productivity gains with ZK

Developed a Web Transaction Monitoring System using ZK

Taiwan Futures Exchange (TaiFEX), top 18 futures exchange in the world, launched WTMS in 2008 to monitor 40,000 transactions per second.
  • Without ZK, it’ll be very difficult for us to develop such a dynamic Web application!
ZK utilized for Cloud Based Medical Solution integrating Spring and Hibernate, increasing diabetes patients' QOL and health care.


Institute for Information Industry, the largest information and communication technology development organization in Taiwan.
  • ZK is currently the most intact Ajax web application framework available in the industry, providing high level integration and support.
  • ZK effectively reduces development time by 1/2.
Pennant Technoligies is leveraging ZK framework for all future applications With its head office & global development centre in India, Pennant Technologies fortes in enterprise application integration, custom application development & consulting services.
  • Leveraging on ZK framework and using it as a base for all future applications marks a new beginning for Pennant.
  • ZK brings the unparalleled benefit of developer-centric approach to all projects of Pennant.
ZK based web application forms the heart of RWorks' management system

Cloud Based Workforce Management System

RWorks is an Irish company producing software solutions for the management of dispersed teams.
  • we needed to be productive fast ... only ZK provided that level of business agility.
  • The values in ZK which we recognized the most are good documentation, very easy to start with - the fact that you can have a moveable window in a web page in a few lines is incredible.
doubleSlash fulfills the requirements of their customers with ZK's flexibility in customizing and ability to fast prototype

Web based tool for secure file transfer and marketing planner

doubleSlash offers a wide range of IT-services including consulting, conceptual design, IT-architecture, programming, support and service.
  • New forms can be created in just a few minutes and easily be connected to entities using data binding, ZK was just the best choice!
  • They were easy to implement and, more importantly, to customize... With ZK, it was all possible!
ZK evidently reduced development time for DIMOCO’s Administration GUIs

WEB Administration GUIs

DIMOCO is an international mobile messaging & payment provider in the business-to-business sector.
  • The simplicity to add UI components programmatically and the handsomeness of the components as a whole convinced the evaluation team.
  • ZK evidently reduced development time for DIMOCO’s Administration GUIs. Comparing to their existing STRUTS framework, the time factor is obvious...
Our project was completed with success and ZK helped to speed up development cycle

ZK Spring + MySQL + JPA Hibernate + Tomcat

PMQ is an IT company located in Czech Republic specializing in educational softwares and apps for web and mobiles, and has been working with ZK since 2011.
  • Another candidate was GWT, but it did not have as many controls as it is included in ZK
ZK effectively reduces development time and effort for BrightSide Workbench and achieving limitless designs with non-intrusive components

ZK + Hibernate + Apache Commons + Elephant Libraries

BrightSide Workbench is part of Turro.Org foundation offering users from application framework, contacts, Attachments, Dossiers, Publications, Acceptances and eventually to an ERP system.
  • I was fully convinced after some lines of code: I had the right choice for desktop-like web applications.
River Software Technologies created a riverPortals solution to achieve better web portal deployments for small to medium entrepreneurs

Fully based on ZK

River Software Technologies creates softwares for any type of industry with special focus on Telecommunications and Government in LATAM, Spain & Europe.
  • When I came across ZK I thought I’ve found the ‘Holy Grail’, because it has all the benefits of powerful end user features, plus the power of solid Java server side logic.
  • Whatever it takes 50 lines in GWT and several files, it only takes a few lines of code and two files to do the same with ZK.
PrimeScale improved IT operational efficiency with ZK

ZK + JasperReports + Quartz Enterprise Scheduler

PrimeScale AG is a German consulting company experienced in business reorganization & service-orientation consulting.
  • After we decided to use ZK and a half year of migration, we speeded up our development 4 times faster than before and this is real!
  • ZK is very well designed and an active product. This framework is what we expected from Sun, but they missed the train.
Omnisys maximizes development resources with ZK + Hibernate

ZK + Java + Hibernate

Omnisys is a free, agent-less systems monitoring and management platform, utilizing most major protocols and platforms to provide a completely customized monitoring solution.
  • None of this would have been possible, or look nearly as good without the ZK framework. This is a shining example of what an open-source project should be.
  • I can be confident that my application will always look fantastic and work seamlessly, when the only effort required on my end is updating a few libraries.
MedVoxel saved not only their release cycle but decreased the maintenance time and cost with the aid of ZK Ajax technology

Developed an automatic medical imaging Web app

MedVoxel develops leading applications for medical imaging.
  • Due to the server-centric approach, programmers don’t even think of the “Web”.
Spidex and their customers are extremely impressed with the ability to rapidly develop prototypes

ZK + Spring (with Acegi) + iBatis

Spidex Software Limited is UK and Irish distributor of the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System, Mainsaver.
  • ZK provides a means of supplying a rich user interface with minimum complexity.
  • The ability to use ZUL to prototype a screen with user feedback is extremely useful! The prototype can then be developed into the actual interface, reducing initial development time!
web4thejob is a component-based event-driven full-stack web development framework capable of producing elegant desktop-style web applications that automates any business domain.

ZK + Spring + Hibernate

Web4thejob is a technology company that offers software vendors and developers a reliable and affordable strategy to port their applications to the web using FOSS and Cloud Computing technologies.
  • ZK has helped me master web application development much faster than I expected
  • ZK has been the missing piece for developing the web layer of a full-stack web development framework like web4thejob
ZK made it possible to achieve the desired result with a very short development period and very high satisfaction

ZK+ JavaBean + Hibernate

Ideaaa provides Web applications and services to Custom Brokers of Mexico City International Airport, Latin America's largest and busiest airport.
  • In the test, we developed an User Interface with validations in few minutes, while in traditional JSP with JavaScript it could be hours.
  • It was awesome to see the power of Ajax without using JavaScript and it was really easy to integrate ZK with other frameworks!
Marque Já! meets the needs of larger clients with the architecture of ZK + SPRING + HIBERNATE


Marque Já! offers another channel for users wanting to schedule their appointments online.
  • Initially the idea was to migrate to Struts GWT, but when I experienced the ease of ZK, I had no more doubts. Luckily I took the right decision.
  • This high productivity, combination of ZK + AndroMDA, impressed us very much !
Mecatena meets growing customer demand with ZK

ZK + Spring + Hibernate, ZK + Liferay + Alfresco

Mecatena is dedicated to full office solutions, specializes in open source based systems integration and J2EE development.
  • From continuing tests and works, we keep getting back to the same final truth: NO technology delivers yet as well and as easy Ajax as ZK does.
  • What ZK keeps offering to our customers is the fastest way of getting interfaces that fits their look and needs, with Ajax powered, and with a very small and smooth knowledge curve!
DBL has effectively reduced development time with ZKs’ extensibility and ability to rapidly prototype

ZK + Spring

DBL offers customized Apache OFBiz installations for enterprises. They started using ZK for all new web-development in early 2007, and these systems are now in use by clients in various private sector firms.
  • All of our developers who have changed to ZK have enjoyed it and none want to go back.