ZK Training

ZK offers a variety of training topics to help you take full advantage of ZK through every stage of the learning lifecycle. Courses start from basic level skills and knowledge to more advanced and topic orientated courses. For specific needs, we also deliver customized training according to your constraints and expectations.
Standard Courses
 Basic courses
 Intermediate courses
 Advanced courses
Customized Courses
 Tailored to your requirements
 e.g. JavaScript debugging,
 3rd party integration

Standard Courses

ZK standard instructor-lead course covers basic, intermediate and advanced courses. You can choose the course based on your level of experience and interest. Our goal is to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to effectively build an app that meet your demands. Training could be performed remotely over web conferencing tool GoToMeeting or on-site at your facilities based on your needs.
Upon successful completion of the courses, you will be awarded a Certificate.
Module Outline Duration Fees
• Introduction to Ajax & ZK
• Learning by examples
• Architecture & Concepts
3hr Remote: $540
Up to 10 participants
Develop Web Applications in MVC
• Shopping Cart Example
• Layout in ZK
• ZK MVC practice
• ZK Session, Desktop & Execution
• Grid & Listbox
• ZK Design Pattern
• ListModel & Renderer Concept
9hr Remote: $1,620
Up to 10 participants

Customized Courses

ZK can deliver customized training to your team upon request. If you are interested in any specific topic or any combination of topics, we can work with you to design a solution, an appropriate program that meet your needs and skill level. If requested, we also offer individually tailored training programs at the client's location; courses can be scheduled at times that are most convenient for your team.
Note: Custom sessions require extra time to develop, for more information and scheduling, please contact us in advance.