ZK Calendar

Integrating intuitive scheduling functionality into enterprise web applications using pure Java

Integrate a feature rich calendar into your Java Web application

ZK Calendar is a Google Calendar like Ajax component that integrates rich and intuitive scheduling functionality into enterprise web applications using pure Java. One of the main benefits of ZK Calendar is it can be embedded into existing Java applications with minimal effort. The calendar facilitates interaction with other Ajax components and the ability to customize functionality and styling.

ZK Calendar boasts all the advanced features of a modern day calendar such as daily, weekly, and monthly views, drag-n-drop, multiple time zones, and permission control.

Rich Functionalities and Seamless Integration

  • Daily, five days, weekly, monthly views
  • Drag-n-drop user experience
  • Detailed schedule editing
  • Multiple time zones support
  • 22 languages support
  • Embed ZK Calendar into enterprise applications using pure Java
  • Integrate with databases, Web services and other enterprise resources
  • Interact with versatile Ajax components
  • Store sensitive user's data in your database
Ease of Customization
  • Customizable functionality and styling
  • Customizable look-n-feel
  • Various date formats available
  • Personal schedule management
  • Schedule sharing
  • Permission controls
Cross-Browser Ajax
  • Internet access
  • No plug-in required
  • Compatible with IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera,…
  • Similar experience to Google Calendar