Real World Applications

An open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control. Tool developed by the LibrePlan community. More >>
A climate change scenario generator which allows you to generate and explore climate scenarios or generate output from a simple snow impact model.
A web tool for secure file transfers in a corporate environment, built on ZK enabling rapid development. Learn More >>
Marketing Planner
A web based solution for planning, controlling and reporting of marketing and sales activities. By registering, you are given your own private shared folder which is free to use. Learn More >>
ZKBoost is a full featured base application that can be expanded for user written modules. (To Login: admin/admin)
ZK Sample Application
ZK Sample Application provided by Stephan Gerth, build with ZK, Spring, Spring-Security, Hibernate, and JasperReports. (To Login: admin/admin)
A browser based IDE that facilitates a ZK GUI Builder that runs while the application is executing.
A web-based interactive tool for giving specific support to the study of the discriminative classification power of custom hypothesis in the form of biological relevant gene sets.
A powerful gene set building tool, allowing user to extract lists of genes from multiple sources for further experiments.
A public tool for MSA (Multiple Sequence Alignment) file format conversion.
Easit AB with ZK
Flash demo of Easit AB's elegant, complete management system with ZK.
See also: Easit Case Study (pdf)
A platform project developed with Tobe, a complete j2ee framework built with ZK.
A platform for apps to functional departments. See live demo .
A web-based BI enterprise reporting platform with online and event driven report generation and dashboards. (To login: admin/admin)
Live demo of RWorks, a cloud based workforce management system that automatically tracks progress on tasks and projects, and facilitates inclusive communication in an outsourced or remote workforce.
A Java-based Content-Management-Framework built with ZK and db4o. Provided by Maik Jablonski. Learn more >>
InfoCert Travel Management
A business trip management system build with Hibernate, Spring, EJB 3.0, Web Services, Jasper Reports and JBoss Jbmp. Contributed by Tommaso Fin. (Flash Demo)
An on-line address management application contributed by Strong.
Odorfer Online Katalog-System
An online catalog and shopping system in Austria developed with ZK. Check out the demo application here as well. (click "anonym")
LibX Edition Builder
LibX Edition Builder, a tool to build and manage the Firefox extension LibX with ZK's rich interface.
Flash demo of Slimster, an instant messaging application developed by with ZK.
ZK Mine
A typical Mine Sweeper game written with ZK framework.