ZK Spring

An open source enterprise-grade library integrating the Spring framework with ZK

ZK Spring provides an effortless way of accelerating application development by integrating robust Spring Framework libraries such as Spring MVC and Spring Security with ZK.

  • Ability to customize or extend parts of the security system
  • Keeps your application objects free of security code
  • HTTP request authorization
  • Multiple options for enforcing access-controls such as EJB3 security annotations
  • Open ID support
  • HTTP BASIC and Digest authentication supported
  • Various back-end credential storage methods supported such as a database or XML file
  • SHA and MD5 password encoding with optional salting
  • Database caching to prevent extra queries
  • Security for Web Flow
  • Seamlessly access Spring managed beans in EL, zscript and data binding
  • Complete lightweight container providing automated configuration and wiring of application objects
  • Common abstraction layer for transaction management
  • JDBC abstraction layer
  • Integration with Toplink, Hibernate and JDO
  • Aspect-orientated programming functionality
  • A domain-specific-language for defining reusable controller modules
  • Advanced controller engine for managing conversational states
  • ZK Spring Webflow integration is no longer being maintained. It's available only in ZK Spring 3.2.0 and prior versions