ZK Licensing

ZK is offered in 3 editions, CE, PE and EE, with different features and licensing models to meet different needs. Below is a summarized table:


LGPL (free for open source and proprietary use)




ZK CE, licensed under LGPL offers the community the ability to use ZK CE wherever they please, including open source and commercial applications.

With this freedom we want ZK CE to be the centerpiece of our community. Therefore, we work closely with community members to achieve the common goal of creating a better platform in which all parties can leverage.

ZK PE and EE

ZK Commercial License

ZK PE and EE are available under the Potix Software License Agreement, providing the scalability, performance, testing and support that enterprise application deployments require. Both editions have been deemed certified to deliver enterprise-level capabilities to meet the needs of even the most demanding organizations. Commercial License is the suitable option if you wish not to open source your application. For more information on pricing, please visit the pricing page.

ZK Open Source License (ZOL)

As we have strong belief in the community, we have therefore also made PE and EE's certified performance freely available to projects which are open source, under ZK Open Source License. ZOL is a free ZK license for open source projects. If your project is open source, please contact us to claim your free ZOL for PE or EE.

If you would like to know why you should use ZK EE please click here

ZK Tools, Extensions and Components

ZK Tools, Extensions and Components also offered under different licensing models for different purposes. Most of the add-ons are available under open source licenses, free for using in compatible projects while commercial license is the suitable option if you wish not to open source your application or if your project is not compatible to the corresponding open source license we offer. For more information on pricing, please visit the pricing page.

ZK Tools
ZK Studio
Free to use, non-open source
ZATS Mimic
GPL or Commercial
ZK Extensions
ZK Spring
GPL or Commercial
GPL or Commercial
ZK Components
ZK Calendar
GPL or Commercial
ZK Charts
ZK CKEditor
LGPL/MPL or Commercial1
ZK GMaps
GPL or Commercial
ZK Pivottable
Keikai Spreadsheet OSE
Keikai Spreadsheet EE
ZK Themes
ZK Atlantic Theme
GPL or Commercial
ZK Theme Pack (23 themes)
  1. ZK CKEditor 4(and earlier) is LGPL/MPL licensed. ZK CKEditor 5 is a commercial wrapper enabling ZK users to incorporate CKEditor 5 seamlessly in their ZK projects. The wrapper itself does not contain the CKEditor 5 editor, and it will not function without it. To use this feature, please contact CKEditor.com directly to obtain the appropriate license for CKEditor 5.
  2. ZK Spreadsheet is now Keikai Spreadsheet.