Our Story

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Tom Yeh and Henri Chen, Potix is a privately held software company that owns and develops ZK framework. Tom and Henri have worked together since the early 1990s founding various companies and have together achieved many award-winning products, including winning the "Best of Show" at COMDEX and "Must See" at CeBIT.

Prior to Potix, Tom and Henri founded a company called Infoshock, devoted to the developing of web ERP solutions. The team built a Struts-like MVC framework in order to match the user experience of a desktop application. Large amount of resources and efforts were put into, however, not only web edition required much higher programming skills, the code was hard to maintain and the user experience, still, could not match up to that of a desktop application.

Tom and Henri started to wonder whether it is intrinsic, or is the programming model simply inadequate. Looking back at the success of desktop applications in 1990s, the event-driven, component-based programming model played a big role and definitely the standard and best way to handle interactive and responsive user interfaces. So, they had an idea - "why not apply this model to Web applications?". With this idea in mind, ZK was created along with the establishment of Potix Corporation.
ZK Timeline

In 2005, the first ever "ZK" was released on the world’s largest open source website – sourceforge.net. Six months later, ZK was ranked the number one most active project on Sourceforge and have since then been establishing itself in the Java community.

Financially, we are backed by leading venture capitals including ASUSTeK Computer (ASUS) and iD SoftCapital, the venture arm of Acer Group, both of which are renowned computer makers and Fortune Global 500 companies. Recent years, thanks to the huge support from the community, Potix has been able to find ourselves profitable and growing continuously. Being open source, without the community, we would not be standing where we stand today. We have gained so much from the community and there is only one way to return this favour - we will continue to provide the best solutions for you and ZK will remain open source for the years to come.