Top Reasons

ZK is the leading enterprise Ajax framework and the easiest way to build great modern Java web applications.

Enterprise. Trusted. Established.

ZK is trusted and established with a solid track record as the framework of choice across industries. Tens of thousands of developers use ZK to build their mission critical systems including multi-million dollar systems that serve millions of users and tens of thousands of concurrent sessions on an international scale.

With over 1,500,000 downloads, ZK empowers a wide variety of companies and institutions, ranging from small to large in multiple industries.

Here are some of the companies who adopted ZK to power their infrastructure:

End to End Productivity Boost

ZK provides an excellent end to end productivity boost over other frameworks by providing a shallow learning curve and solutions for rapid development.

ZK offers a fast development environment enabling UI designers and business analysts to come together and make on-the-fly changes to the UI. ZK supports all major patterns of development such as MVC, data-binding, templating, among others.

But don't take our word for it, here is what our users had to say:

This is unlike other frameworks that expose you to the painful details of making Ajax calls... ZK shields you from these complexities and lets you focus on the business logic.
- Sachin Mahajan, Software Developer, IBM
5 times productivity boost
- Feng Ji, Sun Microsystems
I've done projects in JSP, Applet, Strut 1, and JSF ... evaluated GWT, Openlaszlo, and Flex, and they were cool. When I learned the ZK framework two years ago, I started to fall in love with it. Its programming model let me make a rich Ajax web app very quickly, and yet I don't need to know about JavaScript and browser compatibility issues.
- Edwin Yu, Senior Software Engineer, Zebra Technologies

Industry Leading Architecture

Customers appreciate ZK's industry leading Server+client Architecture which enables developers to write their applications using pure Java and optionally have fine grained control over the client. In addition, ZK's architecture provides developers with a uniquely modularized system enabling developers to use, extend and customize ZK's fundamentals quickly and efficiently.

ZK redefines the client-side using the de facto standards jQuery and JSON. ZK has continued to innovate by bestowing abilities such as inheritance and encapsulation to client-side jQuery. ZK provides a client side class loader and transparent Ajax communications thus removing counter-productive issues raised by GWT and other fat client solutions.

Here is what our users had to say:

The ZK approach is the "Rolls Royce" option. The other two approaches are "Honda" and "Bicycle", respectively.
- Simon Massey, VP, Global IT, Marsh Inc
We really recognize and appreciate your innovation and superb work on this project. ZK is simply an amazing platform…
- Justin Barota, Software Architect, Pitney Bowes
They were easy to implement and, more importantly, to customize... With ZK, it was all possible!
- Konrad Krafft, doubleSlash

Transparent Ajax with Java

ZK provides developers with a true event-driven model facilitating simple and transparent development of rich Internet applications using pure Java. This event-driven model reflects desktop programming experience without the developer having to be concerned with JavaScript programming, cross-browser issues, complex Ajax communication, exposure of business logic and other factors which increase the time and cost of developing Enterprise level web applications.

Our users agree with us:

Could an undergraduate intern develop the UI for an entirely new module for our largest Java application entirely on his/her own?" "Verdit: Yes,.. within a week
- Richard Holland, Tech Lead IT, DreamWorks Animation
With ZK, we are able to develop web-base rich client system, without any investment on training and staff development.
- Tong Chen, Software Engineer, University of Oxford
Due to the server-centric approach, programmers don't even think of the Web
- Charles Hsiao, CEO, MedVoxel

Rich Modular UI

ZK provides an extensive and powerful set of over 200 enterprise grade components which share polymorphic functionalities. User interfaces can be composed with LEGO-like building blocks in a recursive manner making UI design easy.

ZK offers two methodologies for implementing the UI of applications, in pure Java code, or in XML markup.

See how the UI components are effective for our users:

ZK provides a means of supplying a rich user interface with minimum complexity. The ability to use ZUL to prototype a screen with user feedback is extremely useful! The prototype can then be developed into the actual interface, reducing initial development time!
- Nicole Stevens, Technical Director, Spidex Software
I've experimented with most of the AJAX frameworks ... ZK lives up to its marketing line of, "Simple and Rich".
- Max Kiesler, Strategic Desinger, co-founder and principle of Ideacodes
This is a mature and impressive Ajax-based framework… This approach gives developers a great degree of freedom to use powerful techniques... This framework allows for very rapid application development, as the XML mark-up typically replaces a lot of code and the framework lends itself well to reuse.
- Andre van der Schyff, Senior Developer, DVT

Fortune 500 Approved Security

ZK applications are executed on the server-side by default hence no business logic is ever exposed to the client. ZK protects applications against XSS, DoS, and CSRF. ZK further strengthens authentication and authorization with third party security frameworks such as Spring Security which altogether offers protection from page level to Ajax events.

ZK is deployed in hundreds of security conscience Fortune 500 where it has passed many sensitive internal security checks. ZK is deployed in many government organisations such as the US Department of Defense giving ZK a very competitive security edge.

Here is what our clients had to say:

We created a mission critical project using ZK which is serving over 2,000,000 users while providing a rich end user experience. ZK not only provided us with the framework to do so productively but also first class support from their onsite consulting team which led to the tremendous success of the project.
- Victor Kao, IT Director, UnitedHealth Group
In the last weeks a team of security experts (Kima Services SRL) tested my ZK application. They said that my application is definitely the most secure of the entire company. So congratulations, you are doing a really good job.
- Tommaso Fin, Software Engineer, InfoCert
Swiss financial regulations are some of the most stringent in the world regarding security. As one of the leading interbank application providers we chose ZK for the security provided by its server-centric approach.
- Jumin Rubin, Senior Software Engineer, BBP