ZK Framework

A highly productive open source Java framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications.

Open Sourced and Community Driven

LGPL License


We believe open source is the best way to build an open, secure, and trustworthy software that millions can depend on.

ZK CE is freely available under the open source LGPL license. It's free for open source as well as commercial development and deployment.

ZK PE & EE are freely available for open source GPL compliant projects under the ZK Open Source License.

Millions of Downloads

Millions of Downloads

ZK is open sourced, over two million downloads to date across 190 countries, and growing strong.

As with any healthy open source software project, its community is the driving force behind ZK's evolution. The community depends on the ZK team to deliver a dependable Ajax framework to base their projects on. ZK relies on the feedback and support from the community to grow. ZK becomes more versatile as each feature request is implemented and the framework gets more stable as each reported bug is resolved.

ZK and its community together form a positive feedback loop that garner each other's momentum toward a greater open source Ajax ecosystem.

Thriving and Active

Thriving and Active

ZK is ranked #1 Ajax framework on SourceForge.

Code is committed to the ZK repository each day. A ZK version is released every couple of months, with a "freshly release" happening each day.

ZK is constantly moving forward to bring forth a reliable and feature rich framework on the Java platform.

Hundreds of open source projects extends, or depends on ZK; ZKGrails and NetBeans REM are two prime examples of quality projects contributed by the great community.

An Engaging Community

With tens of thousands of members world wide, enthusiastic "Zeeks" share their development experiences and visions in user groups and forums.

The ZK framework has been translated to 23 languages by the community, and the source code has been reviewed by experts across fields and industries. Thousands of test cases have been contributed by the community. Hundreds of articles and tutorials on easily accessible on the Internet.