ZK Studio 2.0.1 Release Notes

Released on December 10, 2013

ZK Studio 2.0.1 is a minor release to support ZK 7 and later.

ZK Studio is a visual IDE providing intuitive tools that span the entire application development lifecycle. It is the easiest way to create a new project. The new project wizard guides developers through creating ZK projects step by step, making it exceptionally easy to choose the project name, ZK version and target runtime.

Feature Highlights

  • ZUL Editor
  • ZUL Component Palette
  • ZK Component Outline View
  • ZK Component Properties View

See product page for more information

Deprecated Features

The following features have been removed in this version to increase the performance and solidity of ZK Studio:
  • ZK Style Designer
  • Sample codes
  • MVC extractor

What's New

Bugs Fixed

  • ZKSTUDIO-56: The field name of Java bean including "_" will cause zul editor error

Upgrade Notes

  • ZK Studio 2.0.1 supports Eclipse 4.2 & 3.7. For Eclipse 3.6 users, please download the corresponding ZK Studio here

  • ZK Studio 2.0.4 New!

  • ZK Charts New!

  • ZK Pivottable 2.5.1 New!

  • ZK 9.0.0 New!

  • ZK Spreadsheet 3.9.6 New!

  • ZATS Mimic 2.1.1

  • ZK Spring 4.0

  • ZK Spreadsheet Server 1.0 Beta 8