ZK Spreadsheet
The only embeddable Ajax component for Java Web Applications

Spreadsheet power in your Java web application

  • Control or configure Web spreadsheet with pure Java and seamlessly integrated with Java EE and other back-end services
  • Online collaboration for multiple users
  • Enter name expressions in cells to make bindings to back-end Java beans transparent, including Spring and CDI managed beans
  • Extend on top of hundreds of built in functions that comes with ZK Spreadsheet in Java
  • Use ZK Spreadsheet as a JSP Tag or a JSF Component

Ajax Java Component

  • Back-end Java Technology Readily Accessible
  • Fully Controllable in Java
  • Embeddable without Plugins
  • Event Driven Interactivity
  • Back-end Java Bean Binding
  • Leverage 200+ other ZK Components
  • Register event listeners on rows, columns or any range of selected cells to create a highly interactive web application

Excel® and PDF Compatibility

  • Import/Export Excel® XLS/XLSX Files
  • Export Worksheets to PDF
  • Embed Excel® Charts
  • Export Excel® Charts to PDF
  • Embed Images from Excel® Worksheets

Functionality Highlights

  • 3-D Cell and External Book Reference
  • Sorting, filtering, formulating and Auto-filter
  • Access Named Ranged Cells
  • Freeze Rows and Columns
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Hundreds of Built-in Formula Functions; Custom Functions Allowed

ZK Spreadsheet Server vs. ZK Spreadsheet Component vs. Keikai

ZK Spreadsheet Server ZK Spreadsheet Component Keikai (Beta)
Host Excel-compatible online spreadsheet under your own domain icon_check_16 icon_check_16 icon_check_16
Install-and-run online spreadsheet application server icon_check_16
No programming required icon_check_16
Embed in your website/web application as a component icon_check_16 icon_check_16
Fully extensible and seamlessly integrate with Java technology through Java API icon_check_16 icon_check_16
Optimized for supporting big data icon_check_16