ZK Spreadsheet Server 1.0 Beta 8 Release Notes

A standalone online excel-like spreadsheet application service

Released on Nov. 22, 2017.

ZK Spreadsheet Server is a ready-to-use online Excel-like application service you can host on premises and share with others easily via an URL.

Inheriting ZK Spreadsheet EE component's features, ZSS server delivers rich functionalities within browsers including Excel & PDF compatibilities, formulas, Charts and more with the easiest installation involving zero programming and coding. An Ideal service for users who are looking for a quick and safe solution with the highest security and privacy. ZK Spreadsheet Server 1.0 Beta 8 is based on ZK Spreadsheet EE 3.9.2 and ZK 8 and later versions.

Feature Highlights

  • ZSS-1339 - potential session memory leak
  • ZSS-1338 - support text overflow with right alignment
  • ZSS-1345 - Slow performance when using XMLBean.getXxxList()

Check out Product Page for more details on ZK Spreadsheet Server

Sneak Peak

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