ZK Spring 3.1.1

Released on Sep 25, 2012.

Getting Simpler and Richer

Feature Highlight

  • Spring 3.0 support
  • Separation into three JAR files
    • Spring Core
    • Spring Security 3.1 Support
    • Spring Webflow
The following benefits can be leveraged by ZK Spring integration:

Spring MVC Framework
  • Seamlessly access Spring managed beans in EL, zscript and data binding
  • Complete lightweight container providing automated configuration and wiring of application objects
  • Common abstraction layer for transaction management
  • JDBC abstraction layer
  • Integration with Toplink, Hibernate and JDO
  • Aspect-orientated programming functionality
Spring Security
  • Ability to customize or extend parts of the security system
  • Keeps your application objects free of security code
  • HTTP request authorization
  • Multiple options for enforcing access-controls such as EJB3 security annotations
  • Open ID support
  • HTTP BASIC and Digest authentication supported
  • Various back-end credential storage methods supported such as a database or XML file
  • SHA and MD5 password encoding with optional salting
  • Database caching to prevent extra queries
  • Security for Web Flow

What's New

  • Bug fixes:
    • ZKSPRING-34: NullPointerException is sometimes thrown by ZkComponentFactoryBean
    • ZKSPRING-35: ZkEventSecurityBeanDefinitionParser.getStandardFilter() fails to get Spring standard filter's BeanDefinition
    • ZKSPRING-36: zkspring-security will show login dialog when request a zul without access control