ZK Spreadsheet 2.0 Beta 2 release notes

~ The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on August 3, 2010.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins. Developers are able to create collaborative and dynamic enterprise applications at minimal cost.

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ZK Spreadsheet 2.0 is made compatible with ZK 5. The backend data model and formula evaluation engine are rewritten to bring about many benefits including the support for rich text, a more efficient formula dependency tracking system, and the importing of Excel 2007 xlsx files.

New Feature Highlights

  1. Support ZK 5
  2. Support importing Excel 2003 xls and Excel 2007 xlsx file
  3. Showing rich text
  4. Efficient formula dependency tracking
  5. Consistent column width on the browser and Excel application
  6. Rich Texts and Bullet Texts in a Cell
  7. Hide/Unhide Row Headers and/or Column Headers
  8. Hyperlink Follow-up
  9. Sort Rows/Columns
  10. Drag and Drop Editing of Rows/Columns/Area
  11. Insert Rows/Columns/Area
  12. Delete Rows/Columns/Area

For more details please see the New Features page

See the Product Page for more details on ZK Spreadsheet

Upgrade Notes

  • Ported to work with ZK 5
  • The backend data model and formula evaluation engine is completly _REWRITTEN_ to be based on Apache POI library(Java API To Access Microsoft Excel Format Files) such that we can support more features. The consequence are most classes and APIs that were in org.zkoss.zss.model of version 1.x are no longer existed.
  • Spreadsheet remove deprecated method setUrl and getUrl. Use setSrc and getSrc instead
  • Spreadsheet remove deprecated method setMaxrow and getMaxrow. Use getMaxrows and setMaxrows instead
  • Spreadsheet remove deprecated method setMaxcolumn and getMaxcolumn. Use getMaxcolumns and setMaxcolumns instead