ZK Spreadsheet 3.9.6 Release Note

The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on Nov. 26, 2019.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins.

3.9.6 is released with one new feature and 13 enhancements, including performance improvements on importing files, switching sheets and rendering right alignment text.


What's New

  • New Features
    • ZSS-1393 - users can override ZK dependencies without excluding jar
  • Bugs fixed
    • ZSS-1390 - render merged and hidden cells as un-merged cells
    • ZSS-1394 - quickly switching sheets causes a javacript error
    • ZSS-1395 - when moving a cursor, zss sometimes throws a javascript error
    • ZSS-1396 - zss throws a javascript error when quickly switching sheets
    • ZSS-1397 - when switching sheets quickly, zss sometimes throws a javascript error
    • ZSS-1399 - quickly switching sheets cause a javascript error "Cannot read property 'text' of undefined"
    • ZSS-1400 - color filter causes null pointer exception
    • ZSS-1401 - open a number filter causes a null pointer exception
    • ZSS-1402 - default column width changes after exporting
    • ZSS-1405 - many text cells with right alignment consume much client rendering time
    • ZSS-1406 - importing a file with 350 thousands cells takes a long time
    • ZSS-1411 - insert a row turns a whole column address into a absolute address
    • ZSS-1414 - a text in right alignment overflows at wrong position when being cut