ZK Spreadsheet 2.5 Release Notes

The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on October 02, 2012.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins. ZK Spreadsheet 2.5 is a maintenance release to support ZK 6.5 along with bug fixes

Feature Highlights

Check out Product Page for more details on ZK Spreadsheet

What's New

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZSS-125: Zk Spreedsheet performances problem with an excel file generated with jexcel
    • ZSS-126: ZKS performances problem with an excel file generated AND FORMATTED with Apache POI
    • ZSS-127: Cannot open a popup/modal window including ZSS with IllegalStateException
    • ZSS-131: Sheets contains unsupported drawing object cannot opening, get null pointer exception
    • ZSS-132: Export to PDF on a sheet get null pointer exception
    • ZSS-134: Sheets contains unsupported cell format, cannot opening, get null pointer exception
    • ZSS-136: Export to PDF with image, the same image will repeat on each page (when using portrait)
    • ZSS-138: Initiate book with property cause NullPointerException
    • ZSS-141: Export sheet to PDF doesn't show last column
    • ZSS-142: Invalid format cause NullPointerException
    • ZSS-143: Cell addres gets into cell value on user input
    • ZSS-145: Freezing a row causes the rows above the frozen row to be unselectable.
    • ZSS-147: Exporting to pdf throws NullPointerException
    • ZSS-148: Open sheet with chart without label cause exception
    • ZSS-149: DateValue does not reconize Leap day
    • ZSS-150: The row/column header size is not correct on Firefox
    • ZSS-152: Set new cell text with wrap text, should change row height accordingly
    • ZSS-153: After adding a user defined function to a sheet the application throws a NPE inserting/deleting rows/columns/cells
    • ZSS-154: Cannot delete the first row, throw IllegalArgumentException
    • ZSS-155: Spreadsheet's color button doesn't work with ZK 6.5
    • ZSS-156: Insert a image first, then insert a chart, delete the chart cause NullPointerException
    • ZSS-157: With frozen area, contiguous scrolling down, cells may missing
    • ZSS-158: Second sheet doesn't update cell value
    • ZSS-159: Cell with overflow shall has right border when text total width is smaller then cell width
    • ZSS-160: Formula button in toolbar is missing
    • ZSS-161: Cancel edit button on formula bar not working
    • ZSS-162: Insert columns, then scroll down, cell width is wrong
    • ZSS-163: In protected sheet, shall not allow user to delete or move chart
    • ZSS-164: Mouse click on chart widget, the sheet will move up, chrome only
    • ZSS-166: Insert columns, then switch sheet cause wrong cell content
    • ZSS-167: Delete rows, then switch sheet, cause cells missing
    • ZSS-168: Color button shall close when close when mouse click on cell or other button
    • ZSS-169: Copy/Paste sometimes not work correctly
    • ZSS-170: Insert row at certain row not work correctly
    • ZSS-171: Input "=" on cell shall not append cell reference
    • ZSS-172: Edit cell formula and use mouse to select cell, press enter cause wrong cell selection
    • ZSS-173: Set row freeze and column freeze, scroll down, cause JS error