ZK Spreadsheet 3.8.3 Release Note

The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on Mar. 24, 2016.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins.

Version 3.8.3 is an upgrade release that supports new features such as custom table styles, merged regions, and last column/row which contains data.

Feature Highlights

What's New

  • New Features Tracker
    • ZSS-867: Import cell data from a database upon an Excel file as a template
    • ZSS-992: Support import customized TableStyles
    • ZSS-1124: Support to get last column/row which contains data
    • ZSS-1125: Support to get merged regions
    • ZSS-1184: Provide an ignoreAutoHeight flag so user can fine tune the performance
    • ZSS-1185: Support custom table style
    • ZSS-1188: Support exporting customized TableStyles
  • Bugs fixed
    • ZSS-717: Copy/Cut paste a column did not copy the column width over
    • ZSS-1119: Border missing when overlap merged cell
    • ZSS-1122: alignment bugs when composite frozen and merged cells
    • ZSS-1129: Importing a chart with a FormulaParseException
    • ZSS-1161: a conditional formatting rule's "show icon only" is checked after exporting
    • ZSS-1162: The format of conditional formatting is changed after exporting
    • ZSS-1164: A cell switches from old value to new value after completing edit under a long network latency
    • ZSS-1165: Inconsistent cell editing behavior according to IME/language setting
    • ZSS-1168: merge cells asynchronously in an event queue handler doesn't work
    • ZSS-1170: Alignment problem when export a sheet with hidden columns to PDF
    • ZSS-1171: Merge cells cause firefox unresponsive
    • ZSS-1172: Should remove unnecessary ___ (three underscores) style class
    • ZSS-1174: The preloadColumnSize and preloadRowSize doesn't work as expected
    • ZSS-1175: Deleting columns doesn't remove a merged cell with auto refresh disabled
    • ZSS-1178: Render a merged cell incorrectly
    • ZSS-1179: java.io.NotSerializableException: org.zkoss.zssex.ui.impl.UndoableActionManagerImpl
    • ZSS-1180: import bottom alignement incorrectly
    • ZSS-1181: notify a loaded range is slower than notify an affected range
    • ZSS-1186: Importing an Excel table without a header row causes a javascript error
    • ZSS-1189: Fail to import a rich text
    • ZSS-1190: hidden column not saved
    • ZSS-1197: a formula becomes a text after being edited
    • ZSS-1198: the percentage format doesn't work after editing a number
    • ZSS-1199: a text is cut in a merged cell
    • ZSS-1200: Fail to delete a sheet
    • ZSS-1201: Creating a sheet with a book range causes NullPointerException
    • ZSS-1204: Client performance degrades obviously than 3.8.2