ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 Release Notes

~ The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on May 31, 2011.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins. ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 introduces hot new features including auto filter functionality, vertical merging, support for copying and pasting to Excel and exporting to HTML.

Feature Highlights

For more details on ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 please go to New Features

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What's New

  • New Features Tracker
    • 26: Support copy/paste value to local Excel
    • 161: Support copy&paste from clipboard to a cell
    • 238: ZK Spreadsheet App: Support select cell reference for formula entrance
    • 293: Support AutoFilter in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • 294: Support 2003, 2007 Excel file format export to HTML
    • 309: Support vertical merge
    • 310: Autofill support number auto linear increase
    • 312: Autofill support month/week auto increase
    • 314: Autofill support date auto increase
    • 316: Autofill support number auto growth(multiply increase)
    • 319: Support cell vertical alignment
    • 323: Protecting cells/cell ranges
    • 330: Support Range#applyFilter for 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • 331: Support Range#showAllData for 2007 file format(.xlsx)
  • Bugs fixed
    • 290: Formula cells not always updated
    • 296: Can't insert formula "=A1" by java
    • 297: cell color is not right in xls file
    • 298: input/output/format of number-cells doesn't respect current locale
    • 300: Numbers in Text-cells are not treated as text (leading zero is removed)
    • 303: Spreadsheet Mask not removed when set visible of the container
    • 304: Resizing guiding line does not show
    • 305: ZK Spreadsheet App: Formula bar text box is not left aligned to just right of f(x) button
    • 307: chart not shown when set visible of the container of the spreadsheet
    • 308: Set empty String to cell shall be deemed as blank cell
    • 311: =20.6+3.6 formula shows incorrect number
    • 313: Typemismatch exception when Copy formula onto a Text cell
    • 315: freezed pane rows/columns don t work when setting Spreadsheet from Composer.
    • 317: Number 0 shall be date 1900/1/0 0:00 (Java Date 1899/12/31 0:00)
    • 318: xlsx only. IllegalArgumentException when formula cause a circular reference
    • 320: NullPointerException when move cell focus
    • 322: CellStyle.getLocked() always return false in 2007(xlsx) file format.
    • 324: Spreadsheet wrap text doesn't work
    • 325: Spreadsheet unwrap text doesn't work
    • 326: Sizing row height the associated Merged area should sizing accordingly
    • 328: ZK Spreadsheet App throw ComponentNotFoundException when press "hyperlink" button
    • 329: Move Focus on hidden row/column, the row/column header highlight is not correct
    • 332: Scroll sheet down and up cause javascript error
    • 333: Merged cell with auto filter has more one filter button
    • 334: AutoFilter cause exception
    • 336: Showing incorrect contents when press filter drop button in merge cell
    • 337: Filter dropdown button incorrectly change to "filter icon" after click the dropdown button and press OK.
    • 338: Reapply filter fail to work
    • 339: "=" + mouse click to input formula
    • 340: Spreadsheet hyperlink font underline in wrong position
    • 341: ZK Spreadsheet App: open custom sort range twice, UI doesn't work well
    • 342: ZK Spreadsheet App: use compose formula dialog, when focus one last textbox, focus will change to first textbox
    • 343: ZK Spreadsheet App: insert image cause class cast exception
    • 344: ZK Spreadsheet App: after close sheet should not able to click save sheet menu
    • 345: ZK Spreadsheet App: select a column and apply number format, cause server no response
    • 346: ZK Spreadsheet App: compose formula dialog input formula to wrong cell
    • 347: Wrong page orientation for PDF export in Portrait mode
    • 348: Formula cell formatting lost in PDF export file