ZATS Mimic 4.0.0 release notes

Released on Aug. 11, 2021.

ZATS Mimic 4.0.0 - Jakarta EE upgraded its underlying Jetty version to Jetty 11(jakarta.*). It supports ZK 9.6.0-jakarta and requires JDK 11+ to run tests.

ZATS Mimic offers the ability to create test cases for applications to verify functionality and features without the need of any application servers such as Tomcat or Jetty, enabling tests to be run faster and using less resources than any other testing tools.

Please read ZATS Essentials for basic set up and usage.

What's New

  • New Features
    • Support for JAKARTA EE 9.0 (ZK 9.6.0-jakarta+)
    • Dropped support for older ZK versions (before 9.6.0 = no jakarta support). Please use ZATS 3.x if you are testing against ZK 9.5 or an older version.

  • Upgrade Notes
    • Updated to jetty 11.0.5 (requires JDK 11+ to run Tests)
    • Minimum version is zk 9.6.0-jakarta
    • The extension jars zats-mimic-ext6, zats-mimic-ext7, zats-mimic-ext96 no longer exist -> use zats-mimic (future extensions might be added as zats-mimic-ext10)