ZK 2.4.3

Released on June 23, 2008.

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Getting Simpler and Richer

New Feature Highlight

  • ZK 2.4.3 is a maintenance update to ZK 2.4. It is for developers who have to keep using ZK 2.4 for a while. For other developers, ZK 3.0.5 or later is strongly recommended for the better features, performance and stability.

Feature Updates

  • 77 XUL and 83 HTML off-the-shelf components.
    • Tabbox, grid, listbox, tree, menu, combobox, bandbox, datebox, chart, hbox, vbox, window, slider, paging, audio, image, timer, include, iframe...
    • Drag-and-drop supported by all components, such that users can drag components and drop them to any other or particular set of components.
    • Context menus and customizable tooltips supported by all components, such that a menu or any popup appears when user click, right-click or move the mouse over a component.
    • Customizable sorting of listbox, grid and children of any component with 100% Java codes (java.lang.Comparator).
    • Auto-completion for combobox.
    • Load on demand with writing Java codes.
    • Live data for listbox.
    • Grids, listboxes and trees with sizable columns.
    • All components are cloneable and serializable.
    • Validation and formatting for any input components, such as regular expression and $#,##0.
    • 100% Java API of Google Maps, FCKeditor, DOJO, and Timeline components.
  • Event-driven, server-centric model
    • More than 20 events are supported: onChange, onChanging, onScroll, onSelect, onShow, onZIndex...
    • All events are processed at the server. No hurdle to communicate between clients and servers.
    • All events are synchronized. No racing condition to worry about.
  • ZK User-interface Markup Language (ZUML).
    • Rich user interface could be designed in ZUML as simple as authoring HTML pages.
    • Powerful yet intuitive control flow by the if, unless and forEach attribute.
    • Scripting in EL expressions and your favorite scripting languages, include but not limited to Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy.
    • Hot changes and updates without restarting your Web applications.
    • Annotations that allow a page to acess database with zero Java codes.
  • Browser history management.
    • Add states to browser's back button history. Then, users can bookmark and use the back and forward button to navigate different states of the same ZK desktop.
  • Simple yet boundless component model.
    • Macro components. Developing a full-feature new component by using another ZUML pages.
    • Inheritable customization. Developing a new component by extending existent components.
    • Seamlessly and easily to encapsulate pure-client components as ZK components with 100% Java API.
    • Customizing components with pre-compiled Java classes, or by scripting in your favorite scripting languages, include but not limited to Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy. The choice is yours.
  • Simple yet flexible threading model.
    • Thread-safe component handling.
    • True server-side Modal dialog.
    • Suspend and resume event listeners freely.
  • 100% Customizable User-Interface factory.
    • Loading ZUML pages not only from Web contents but also any repository such as database.
    • Customizing the features of sessions, desktops and pages.

What's New

  • New Features:
  • Bug fixes:
    • 1929139: [IE6/IE7 only] Incomplete requests being dropped
    • 1753712: Detaching component in DesktopCleanup causing IllegalStateException
    • 1868371: desktop already "half-destroyed" when ExecutionCleanup runs
    • 1859533: Prevent the same button clicked twice for long operation
    • 1854571: Two clicks to close Messagebox if it took long to process
    • 1907640: Long operation failed to update browser with Glassfish v1
    • 1927788: ESC stops Ajax (FF only)
    • 1921891: insertBefore the same listitem cause ClassCastException
    • 1778258: EL cause nullpoint when createComponent or fulfill
    • 1944918: character encoding problem with pre-Servlet 2.4