ZK 7.0.0-RC release notes

Released on October 22, 2013

ZK 7 focuses on improving the theme system, bringing with it the most powerful theme engine to date combining the power of CSS 3, LESS and Bootstrap to create the best possible experience.

It is now much easier to create themes from scratch and/or customize existing themes. Leveraging ZK 7, design and development teams will have a much easier job and spend less time creating applications which look great and perform better than ever.

Getting Simpler and Richer

Feature Updates

  • 120+ off-the-shelf Ajax components
    • Tabbox, grid, listbox, tree, menu, combobox, bandbox, datebox, chart, hbox, vbox, window, slider, paging, audio, image, timer, include, iframe...
    • Drag-and-drop supported by all components, such that users can drag components and drop them to any other or particular set of components.
    • Context menus and customizable tooltips supported by all components, such that a menu or any popup appears when user click, right-click or move the mouse over a component.
    • Customizable sorting of listbox, grid and children of any component with 100% Java codes (java.lang.Comparator).
    • Auto-completion for combobox.
    • Load on demand with writing Java codes.
    • Live data for listbox.
    • Grids, listboxes and trees with sizable columns.
    • All components are cloneable and serializable.
    • Validation and formatting for any input components, such as regular expression and $#,##0.
    • 100% Java API of Google Maps, CKeditor, and Timeline components.
  • Event-driven, server-centric model
    • Ajax requests, application notification, and server push are all managed as events
    • Event Queue shields developers from the complexity of Ajax and server push, such as multi-thread programming
    • All events are processed at the server. No hurdle to communicate between clients and servers.
    • All events are synchronized. No racing condition to worry about.
  • ZK User-interface Markup Language (ZUML).
    • Rich user interface could be designed in ZUML as simple as authoring HTML pages.
    • Powerful yet intuitive control flow by the if, unless and forEach attribute.
    • Scripting in EL expressions and your favorite scripting languages, include but not limited to Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy.
    • Hot changes and updates without restarting your Web applications.
    • Annotations that allow a page to access database with zero Java codes.
  • Browser history management.
    • Add states to browser's back button history. Then, users can bookmark and use the back and forward button to navigate different states of the same ZK desktop.
  • Simple yet boundless component model.
    • POJO components supporting interfaces and clustering. Easy to instantiate and manipulate directly with pure Java, or injected and managed by an AOP framework, such as Spring
    • Macro components. Develope full-featured new component by using other ZUML pages.
    • Inheritable customization. Developing a new component by extending existent components.
    • Seamlessly and easily to encapsulate pure-client components as ZK components with 100% Java API.
    • Customizing components with pre-compiled Java classes, or by scripting in your favorite scripting languages, include but not limited to Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy. The choice is yours.
  • Simple yet flexible threading model.
    • Thread-safe component handling.
    • True server-side Modal dialog.
    • Suspend and resume event listeners freely.
  • 100% Customizable User-Interface factory.
    • Loading ZUML pages not only from Web contents but also any repository such as database.
    • Customizing the features of sessions, desktops and pages.

What's New

  • New Features Tracker
    • ZK-19: Support SLF4J API for logging instead
    • ZK-1254: Some way to set up the tabs in tabbbox at the bottom or on the right
    • ZK-1421: Tab style for tall tabs (ZK CE)
    • ZK-1729: Change generic code
    • ZK-1815: Upgrade to latest version of jquery
    • ZK-1835: Navigation Components
    • ZK-1866: ZK JSON: improve usability by accepting Collection instead of List
    • ZK-1898: Tree support render on demand
    • ZK-1912: Anchor (A) component support preserve-blank
    • ZK-1919: ZK Components support static uuid
    • ZK-1921: ZK Fileupload component support HTML 5 accept attribute.
    • ZK-1956: Support toggle switch to enable or disable tablet UI
    • ZK-1968: Support flat design theme
  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-1865: MVVM Tree Performance Issue (bigger trees)
    • ZK-1911: Text-as with childable cannot work with preserve-blank for component setting
    • ZK-1923: Textbox component width is larger than same width Combobox and Datebox components
    • ZK-1931: Paging tree detach: takes linear time overhead to the number nodes once rendered
    • ZK-1959: The height of arrow should not change when the tabbox add tab
    • ZK-1964: Datebox with time cannot be selected when use tablet's device