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ZK 2.1.1 Release Note


Version 2.1.1

Released on September 19, 2006. [History]

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Getting Simpler and Richer

Feature Updates

  • 69 XUL and 82 HTML off-the-shelf components.
    • Tabbox, grid, listbox, tree, menu, combobox, bandbox, datebox, chart, hbox, vbox, window, slider, paging, audio, image, timer, include, iframe...
    • Drag-and-drop supported by all components, such that users can drag components and drop them to any other or particular set of components.
    • Context menus and customizable tooltips supported by all components, such that a menu or any popup appears when user click, right-click or move the mouse over a component.
    • Customizable sorting of listbox, grid and children of any component with 100% Java codes (java.lang.Comparator).
    • Auto-completion for combobox.
    • Live data for listbox.
    • All components are cloneable and serializable.
    • Validation and formatting for any input components, such as regular expression and $#,##0.
    • 100% Java API of FCKeditor and Dojo components.
  • Event-driven, server-centric model
    • More than 20 events are supported: onChange, onChanging, onScroll, onSelect, onShow, onZIndex...
    • All event listeners are handled in Java, either by compiled byte-codes or by BeanShell, up to application developers.
    • All events are processed at the server. No JavaScript required.
    • All events are synchronized. No racing condition to worry about.
  • ZK User-interface Markup Language (ZUML).
    • Rich user interface could be designed in ZUML as simple as authoring HTML pages.
    • Powerful yet intuitive control flow by the if, unless and forEach attribute.
    • Scripting in Java (by BeanShell) and EL expressions.
    • Hot changes and updates without restarting your Web applications.
  • Browser history management.
    • Add states to browser's back button history. Then, users can bookmark and use the back and forward button to navigate different states of the same ZK desktop.
  • Simple yet boundless component model.
    • Macro components. Developing a full-feature new component by using another ZUML pages.
    • Inheritable customization. Developing a new component by extending existent components.
    • Seamlessly and easily to encapsulate pure-client components as ZK components with 100% Java API.
    • Customizing components with pre-compiled Java or by scripting in Java. The choice is yours.
  • Simple yet flexible threading model.
    • Thread-safe component handling.
    • True server-side Modal dialog.
    • Suspend and resume event listeners freely.
  • 100% Customizable User-Interface factory.
    • Loading ZUML pages not only from Web contents but also any repository such as database.
    • Customizing the features of sessions, desktops and pages.

What's New

  • New Features:
    1553828, 1553839, 1553829, 1553920, 1553918, 1553858, 1553952, 1553954, 1554098, 1554495, 1554477, 1554567, 1556109, 1555491, 1520538, 1556783, 1551019, 1530633, 1557605, 1472813, 1554497, 1540771, 1557469.
    • Support Hibernate thread SessionContext for ZK.
    • Support Hibernate "Open Session In View" for ZK.
    • Support the link and meta directives.
  • Bug fixes:
    1548797, 1548478, 1551737, 1551736, 1550598, 1551751, 1550257, 1550326, 1550442, 1549252, 1552515, 1553955, 1554088, 1554209, 1554504, 1553937, 1556099, 1555521, 1556394, 1521078, 1556836, 1559087, 1549307, 1549755, 1531580.

Upgrade Notes

  • The package of com.potix.zul.html is renamed to org.zkoss.zul. So are packages under them.
  • The package of com.potix is renamed to org.zkoss. So are packages under them.
  • pxcommon.jar is renamed to zcommon.jar and zweb.jar, respectively.
  • The namespace of ZK and XUL component set is renamed to http://www.zkoss.org/2005/zk and http://www.zkoss.org/2005/zul.
  • Component.invalidate(Range) is removed. Use Component.invalidate() instead.
  • ApplicationInit and ApplicationCleanup are renamed to WebAppInit and WebAppCleanup.
  • The signature of ExecutionCleanup.cleanup() is changed.
  • The signature of EventThreadCleanup.cleanup() is changed, and complete() is added.
  • The signature of EventThreadResume is changed.
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