ZK release notes

Released on May 19, 2020

ZK is a hotfix for ZK 9.0.0. It contains 2 fixes including a jquery security patch and a jquery override fix.

If you were with ZK 9.0.0 CE, please upgrade to CE to include these important fixes. Note that ZK PE/EE have a different release cycle and the latest version as of today May 2020 is which already contain these fixes. If you are a PE/EE customer, please use or the latest maintenance version available in the ZK 9 branch.

ZK 9 is a major version created for even better usability and user experiences. It upgrades its underlying Java and JQuery versions, supports JDK 8 date/time API, improves performance with CSS3 flex, and provides more than 20 modern components such as Toast, Cascader, Stepbar, Coachmark, and more. A new ZK less engine is provided greatly shortens the time for building and customizing themes. With the help of embedded API, incorporating ZK app into an external app becomes easier than ever.

What's New

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-4531 - overridden jquery causes prime faces components to work incorrectly
    • ZK-4557 - re-add fix for ZK-3724