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ZK 1.0 Release Note


Version 1.0.0

Released on February 27, 2006. [History]

  • 60 XUL and 82 HTML off-the-shelf components.
    • Tabbox, grid, listbox, tree, menu, combobox, datebox, hbox, vbox, window, slider, audio, image, timer, include, iframe...
    • Drag and drop supported by all components.
    • Notify the onChanging event for any input components, such as textbox, datebox and intbox.
    • Auto-complete for combobox.
    • Live data for listbox.
    • Validation for any input components.
    • Java-ready FCKeditor and Dojo components.
  • Event-driven, server-centric model
    • 20 events are supported, onChange, onScroll, onSelect, onShow, onZIndex...
    • All event listeners are handled in Java, either by compiled byte-codes or by BeanShell, up to application developers.
    • All events are processed at the server.
  • ZK User-interface Markup Language (ZUML).
    • Rich user inteface could be designed in ZUML without programming.
    • Scripting in Java (by BeanShell) and EL expressions.
  • Simple yet flexible threading model.
    • Thread-safe component handling.
    • True server-side Modal dialog.
    • Suspend and resume event listeners freely.
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