ZK release notes

Released on Nov. 20, 2018

ZK is an updated release for ZK 8.6.0 and comes with 5 bug fixes. For those considering to upgrade to ZK 8.6 branch, we recommend you to skip to ZK directly.

ZK 8.6 is a major update that brings you richer experiences than ever! 10+ new components and molds allow you to do more with less efforts. You will come across new input controls such as Rating, Signature and Switch Toggle, and multimedia widgets such as Video, Camera and Barcode.

In addition the breeze-compatible iceblue-compact theme is released along with ZK 8.6 allowing you to effortlessly upgrade your legacy ZK application to a refreshing and modern look and feel in no time!

Getting Simpler and Richer

What's New

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-4103 - video.setContent() doesn't show an uploaded video
    • ZK-4127 - Rendering performance listbox in borderlayout
    • ZK-4129 - typo in barcodescanner component getter
    • ZK-4133 - menuitem doesn't pass an UploadEvent for onUpload
    • ZK-4136 - Listbox Performance
    • is a hotfix based on 8.6.0. For 8.6.0 new features and bug fixes please check here.