ZK release notes

Released on Aug. 30, 2021

ZK is a hotfix for ZK 9.6.0 fixing a resource loading issue and 2 regressions.

ZK 9.6 is a major release providing two packages, supporting developers to either stay with Java EE or migrate to Jakarta EE. In addition with improved ZK Embedded, incorporating ZK components, modules and applications into an external framework such as AngularJS and Python has become easier than ever.

Last but not least, with your real-world feedback, we were able to finalize the web accessibility support and are thrilled to see WCAG-compatible ZK applications reaching out to the unreached. Learn More about ZK 9.6.

What's New

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-4995 - signature component on tablet/mobile cutting off image
    • ZK-4997 - button with autodisable doesn't trigger popup
    • ZK-5003 - External resources with browser attribute are not loaded
    • is a hotfix based on 9.6.0. For 9.6.0 new features and bug fixes please check here.