ZK 8.6.3 release notes

PE/EE Released on Sep. 24, 2019

ZK 8.6.3 is an updated version for the latest ZK 8.6 branch. It comes with 7 new features and 19 bug fixes. Highlighted features/fixes include improvements on renderChildren() and component wiring performance, and fixed mesh header sorting style.

ZK 8.6 is a major update that brings you richer experiences than ever! 10+ new components and molds allow you to do more with less efforts. You will come across new input controls such as Rating, Signature and Switch Toggle, and multimedia widgets such as Video, Camera and Barcode.

In addition the breeze-compatible iceblue-compact theme is released along with ZK 8.6 allowing you to effortlessly upgrade your legacy ZK application to a refreshing and modern look and feel in no time!

Please note that this version is released for PE/EE customers & ZOL users.

What's New

  • New Features
    • ZK-4193 - avoid synchronization blocks with ConcurrentLinkedQueue
    • ZK-4203 - improve renderChildren() by getChild() later and better way to calculate a path
    • ZK-4222 - Replace deprecated CSS property clip:rect(...)
    • ZK-4256 - retry a comet request when it's aborted
    • ZK-4294 - restore focus after showBusy/clearBusy
    • ZK-4316 - Improve component wiring performance (avoid NoSuchFieldException)
    • ZK-4351 - Update translation of messages in Catalan language

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-4312 - leaking request/response into wpd cache
    • ZK-4313 - load moment js scripts statically
    • ZK-4321 - avoid illegal reflective access WARNINGS/ERRORS for future JDK versions
    • ZK-4323 - a listbox scrolls to the bottom when all item selected
    • ZK-4332 - Using short format in Datebox results in the wrong year after ZK-4242 in Thai locale
    • ZK-4333 - Combobox grows its width for opening its popup each time
    • ZK-4336 - iframe not sizing correctly on ios
    • ZK-4342 - timebox can't be cleared
    • ZK-4345 - XSD doesn't define hflex and vflex for charts
    • ZK-4346 - datebox constraint parsing errors
    • ZK-4348 - zul XSD declares the attribute "badgeText" in wrong case
    • ZK-4350 - zul XSD doesn't declare onCreate for charts
    • ZK-4353 - nav renders a too large image loaded by "imageContent"
    • ZK-4354 - a nodom sibling causes hflex=1 calculate the wrong size
    • ZK-4356 - missing "text" attribute on timebox in zul XSD
    • ZK-4357 - missing "onOK" and "onCancel" for HtmlBasedComponent in zul XSD
    • ZK-4359 - mesh header sorting style out of sync
    • ZK-4360 - Missing onRestore for CKEditor on tabbox accordion specifically
    • ZK-4366 - org.zkoss.zk.ui.UiException: view model of 'vm' is null