ZK 9.6.3 release notes

PE/EE released on Oct 25, 2022

ZK 9.6.3 is an updated release for the latest ZK 9. It comes with more than 30 fixes; highlights include: accommodating the latest Win 11 Firefox scrollbar, updating dependencies, addressing several sizing and flex issues, and fixing class loading issues.

Please note that this version is released for PE/EE customers & ZOL users.

ZK 9.6 is a major release providing two packages, supporting developers to either stay with Java EE or migrate to Jakarta EE. In addition, major improvements were made on ZK Embedded and WCAG support. Learn more here.

What's New

  • Bugs Fixed
    • ZK-2259 - Tabbox doesn't select second tab automatically when first tab is invisible
    • ZK-3543 - Can't wire <apply> with its ID
    • ZK-4973 - tabbox tab.invalidate() loses selected tab
    • ZK-4974 - grid-column with min-width
    • ZK-4982 - Listbox (mold select with groups) fail when selecting from serverside
    • ZK-5029 - sporadic text wrapping in listbox/grid/tree cells since chrome 90
    • ZK-5030 - column header disappearing when resizing column
    • ZK-5033 - infinite loop when firing an event on a detached widget
    • ZK-5111 - require.js causes Toast.show() failed
    • ZK-5115 - Websocket endpoint registers threadpool, doesn't close, prevents tomcat graceful stop, threads remain after stop
    • ZK-5116 - NullPointerException happened during evaluating an EL expression
    • ZK-5140 - ZK loads vulnerable commons-io transitively
    • ZK-5148 - datebox throws a js error with locale specified
    • ZK-5153 - window with vflex content broken after title update
    • ZK-5155 - bandbox closes its popup when switching active page
    • ZK-5156 - locale format doesn't keep the fractional part
    • ZK-5159 - Firefox Windows 11 scrollbar doesn't have height, cause missing scrollbar
    • ZK-5164 - sizedByContent doesn't render an enough width
    • ZK-5165 - Grid onResponse cause incorrect flex min if not visible with touch events
    • ZK-5170 - borderlayout title css rules are missing under sapphire theme
    • ZK-5176 - signature backgroundImage doesn't accept an absolute path
    • ZK-5177 - signature saves a background image into a larger one
    • ZK-5179 - Custom attributes on template do not resolve after ZK-5002
    • ZK-5180 - Bandbox closes its popup when clicking on day of a datebox
    • ZK-5181 - Optimize the use of DefinitionNotFoundException when creating event queues
    • ZK-5203 - a highlighted window in an invisible parent doesn't get onSize event
    • ZK-5205 - ClientInfoEvent should preserve the precision of devicePixelRatio
    • ZK-5208 - Review use of getChildNodeCount in AbstractTreeModel getChildNodes
    • ZK-5214 - Locales.getLocale("de_DE_dgl") returns a different locale than zk 8
    • ZK-5220 - a listbox without ROD causes a websocket connection to close
    • ZK-5223 - the if element doesn't keep the position of its child component
    • ZK-5240 - calculation issue in tpad cause grid to render entire content at once
    • ZK-5247 - dynamically rerendered row breaking hflex min column
    • ZK-5253 - title of borderlayout north/south shouldn't rotate 90 degrees
    • ZK-5256 - classloading issues with multiple war files