ZK 8.0.4 Release Notes

PE/EE Released on Jan 10, 2017

ZK 8.0.4 is a maintenance release for ZK 8. ZK 8 is aimed to provide a more powerful solution that combines the strengths of both client and server sides. New features like enhancement in MVVM, new form binding approaches, and many more make the interaction between the two sides much more easier!

ZK 8 enables developers to effortlessly integrate with any 3rd party Javascript libraries. Leveraging ZK 8, design and development teams will have a much easier job and spend less time creating applications which look great and perform better than ever.

Please note that this version is released for PE/EE customers & ZOL users.

New Feature Highlight

  • ZK-2894: Navbar supports configurable auto-closing a Nav
  • ZK-3351: class loading in BinderImpl

What's New

  • New Features
    • ZK-2894: Navbar supports configurable auto-closing a Nav
    • ZK-3351: class loading in BinderImpl
  • Bugs Fixed
    • ZK-2781 - [GRID] Label having different color if they are in a cell
    • ZK-3247 - @MatchMedia causes error on Jetty
    • ZK-3298 - "Jumping" width in hbox (Chrome)
    • ZK-3308 - ArrayGroupsModel addopengroup and removeopengroup do not sync with MeshComponent open group status
    • ZK-3312 - Unexpected @load binding triggers
    • ZK-3338 - @MatchMedia: NPE in BinderImpl if cookies are null
    • ZK-3339 - @MatchMedia uses invalid cookie syntax, cause error run-jetty-run
    • ZK-3340 - Bandbox: missing onBlur/onChange
    • ZK-3342 - Datebox today link date-format
    • ZK-3346 - popups not closing in older FF versions
    • ZK-3411 - a component's height doesn't fill up its parent with vflex="1" when there is a vertical scrollbar
    • ZK-3499 - Difficult to select menuitem in line wrapped menubar
    • ZK-3500 - Chosenbox doesn't create a new item when you press the enter key before the popup shows up
    • ZK-3501 - slow hover style in bigger listboxes (IE11)
    • ZK-3505 - Caption have a default tabindex of 0
    • ZK-3508 - adding a component with vflex="1" doesn't produce an expected height
    • ZK-3510 - FR - NL localisation improvement
    • ZK-3514 - Multiple rm commands sent on model clear event using ArrayList model
    • ZK-3517 - ForEach cause NoSuchElementException when using ListModel
    • ZK-3518 - Drag Groupbox's content doesn't give "droppable" effect in Firefox
    • ZK-3519 - Inconsistent behavior in disabled input based controls
    • ZK-3526 - grid/listbox: rod + autosort errors
    • ZK-3528 - Keyboard events in ROD listbox failing
    • ZK-3530 - JS error when detaching during onChanging timer
    • ZK-3533 - Message code not found in msgzul
    • ZK-3534 - Function call loop starting at zul.wgt.Popup.close() causes full browser crash on IE11
    • ZK-3536 - A Menuitem cannot display itself completely after shrinking Menubar's width
    • ZK-3557 - Improper Output Neutralization for Logs
    • ZK-3562 - error when saving nested form property