ZK release notes

Released on Nov. 24, 2020

ZK is a hotfix for ZK 9.5.0 containing four enhancements.

ZK 9.5 is a major upgrade focusing on improving Developer Experiences. Features bringing a smoother upgrade, simplified MVVM usage, easier theme & component customization are added to this release. In addition, a preview version of accessibility support is available making it a lot easier for developers to create WCAG compliant applications.

What's New

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-4698 - It detects the parameter name too early in MVVM Params
    • ZK-4718 - PerformanceMeter breaks zkau requests communication
    • ZK-4719 - tablet-ui disabled applies only partially
    • ZK-4723 - simplified MVVM binding cause non-command method with same name in different VM to trigger on @global-command
    • is a hotfix based on 9.5.0. For 9.5.0 new features and bug fixes please check here